A Gift From A Dear Friend

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A Gift From A Dear Friend
WL 16/Legendary
An item that pretends to be a gift from a friend it makes you hallucinate. Wants all your attention.
9 (3d10)
9 (3d10)
9 (3d10)
9 (3d10)
Cursed (Phantasm 9)
Cursed (Charmed 6)

Cursed (Mind Dredge 9)

Can only speak through the Phantasm curse, and only to owner, has the Hallucination feat and must use it.
Wealth Level Modifier: WL 0
Legendary Section
Legendary Properties
Core Rules Compatible


A cherished gift from your shy friend who doesn't like to meet people. He is a close friend of yours, and you like when he is happy, so you do nice things for him and with him so he'll be happy. Nothing makes him happier than spending time with you alone, away from others, and you like to always have his gift so you can keep thinking about him a lot.

Really, an item that makes you think that said friend exists, and that you cherish the item and the friendship. It wants to isolate you, and keep you all to itself. It wants to be your friend. It wants to be your only friend.

Wealth Level Calculation

WL 16/Legendary

  • +5 - Cursed (Phantasm 9)
  • +5 - Cursed (Mind Dredge 9)
  • +3 - Cursed (Charmed 6)
  • +3 - Sentient
  • +Legendary - Intelligent


This item wants to isolate someone from everyone else and make that person want to keep said item indefinitely.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

What actual object it is is purposefully left to the GM's own imagination. For example:

  • A pistol that falsifies a friend from a character's time in the armed forces.
  • A bent coin that fakes a shopkeeper who supposedly saved a character's life.

GM Concerns

This item exists to make one person avoid any other person. It will take time, and convincing, and roleplaying, but if it makes it ro that point, or if an NPC is at that point ahead of time, they will be encouraged greatly to avoid people as much as they can.

Notes of Interest

What the exact item is is up to the GM.


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