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Boon Information

Duration: Permanent

Invocation Time: 8 Hours

Power Level: 6, 8


  • Creation
  • Entropy
  • Logic

You create a being of subhuman intelligence that persists indefinitely and autonomously. It might be a living creature, an undead fiend, a sentient construct, or any similar creation possessing lifelike properties. Examples of this boon in play include a necromancer creating an undead bodyguard, a mad scientist forging a subhuman being from body parts collected from a variety of corpses, and an engineer creating a cyborg from parts collected at a scrap yard.

You are able to create an autonomous being from inanimate material components, such as dirt, bones, water, vines, scrap metal, or sand (the materials used are subject to the GM's discretion). To do so, you must first spend 8 hours completing a ritual, experiment, or similar manufacturing process. After this process is complete, make an action roll to invoke this boon. If successful, the inanimate form is permanently imbued with sentience. Your ability to animate a creature does not grant you the permanent ability to control it. However, newly animated beings are affected by the charmed bane (see below), and thus treat you more favorably immediately following their creation. The GM, not the player, is responsible for deciding the attributes and abilities of this animated creature and should follow the guidelines established by the "Simple Build" section for creating NPCs in Chapter 8: Running the Game. Creatures created using this boon are typically limited to those of subhuman intelligence, such as zombies, combat droids, and golems.

  • Power Level 6 - You can animate a single creature. Your invoking attribute score must be equal to or greater than the highest attribute score of the creature you're animating. With a successful invocation, the creature comes into existence with the charmed (Minor Charm) bane already in effect (no roll is required).
  • Power Level 8 - You may choose to animate a group of creatures: Either 10 creatures with a max attribute of 2, 5 creatures with a max attribute of 3, or 2 creatures with a max attribute of 5. In addition, the automatically invoked charmed bane is a Major Charm instead of Minor Charm. This boon is from the core rules, and can be found here on the Main Website

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