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Often times with Open Legend, people have attempted to homebrew something only to later realize you can already achieve this via the already existing core rules. Using homebrew content can easily break games, but that's the purpose of this wiki, to provide a single source for people to post ideas and playtest them to see if they work in practice and then fine tune them via editing of the wiki.

Alternate Assist Action

Major Action


Assist Actions can now be done using any attribute (as long as you can explain how it makes sense). The advantage gained is equal to half the used attribute score rounded down.

Picking an Attribute

In order to use the attribute you need to explain how you are using it. The GM will determine if it makes sense and will either approve or deny the use of the attribute.


Right before Crono rushes in for an attack, Lucca uses her magic to set his sword ablaze, making it extra deadly. Since Lucca's energy score is 5, Crono gains 2 advantage on his weapon attack.

Play Testing & Notes

This alternate rule is currently being play tested.

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