Bag of Holding

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This Bag has magical writings and pictograms on it. It seems to be much bigger on the inside.


  • Absorb Object 4
  • Reliable
  • Special


Special: It takes a Major Action to retrieve an Item from the Bag, but Items stored inside it don’t count toward the maximum amount you can carry (maximum 20 inside the Bag, 5 of which can be Heavy).

Wealth Level Calculation


  • +2 - Absorb Object 4
  • +2 - Reliable
  • -1 - Special


This Bag is used by many an adventuring party to store their loot and helpful gadgets which would otherwise be too heavy and attention grabbing to carry. The opening can stretch to accomodate large Items, and it takes a Major Action to store anything. Depending on actual flavor, living beings may or may not be stored and may or may not have access to air.

Flavor Suggestions

The Bag of Holding may be;

  • magical and simply shrink Items put into it
  • an anomaly of inhuman design that is bending spacetime
  • a technological marvel capable of digitizing anything put into it
  • or any combination of these.

GM Concerns

This Item is mostly a fun thing to reward a party with without affecting balance in a significant way.

The clause of requiring a Major Action to retrieve anything makes something stored in the Bag not immediately accessible as Absorb Object normally would, but that is not immediately necessary to keep. I suggest raising the WL by one if you remove it.

The major ways your party might try to (ab)use the bag include concealing Items (and party members), carrying more Heavy things and absorbing enemies. Except the last point these are mostly fine. In case they have a good reason why they would be able to use the Bag on an enemy (using an Attack Roll of course), you can easily say the Bag doesn't have any special immunity from the inside and can thus just be destroyed.

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