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Survival With Consequences

Add some more pain and grit, if you so wish.


When a character is a subject to finishing blow and succeeds on the Fortitude action roll to prevent death, GMs can opt to apply received damage as lethal damage


Michael's HP was left at zero from his bleeding wound. As the mystery assassin ran off, he fired a stray shot. 15 damage. Right in Michaels's left eye. Michael's a fortuidous chap, he beats the 25 CR easy... but his Max HP is 15 less now, as he has that much Lethal Damage now.

Megan's drink was nothing more than liquid nightshade. Her first resist went her way, but the jester who gave her the drink wasn't having any of that. His paltry slap did a mere 5 to her, but that 15 CR was almost too much to surmount for poor Megan. She woke with 5 Lethal Damage and a seething rage for the fool.

Alex was at 0 HP, and wasn't going to get healing soon. The group of henchmen could only do the softest of blows, which Alex easily survived, but those bouts of Lethal Damage of only 3s, 4s, and 5s stacked, until it was equal to Alex's Max HP by the end. It would be a very long time before Alex woke up, fortitude keeping Alex alive, yet Lethal Damage keeping Alex completely unconscious.


As for what to do if the target already has Lethal Damage equal to their Max HP, there are three main choices, given now from least severe to the most:

The lethal damage stops, and only finishing blows can occur.

The Lethal Damage overflows, and they have negative Max HP that needs to be raised to 1 before they can become conscious again.

They die instantantaneously.

Play Testing & Notes

This rule has as of this writing not been playtested in a game.

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