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Level 1 Humanoid, Medium size (5 feet base)
30 feet speed
5 (2d6)
4 (1d10)
3 (1d8)
2 (1d6)
Hit Points
Battle Trance


Favored Attacks
Crush (inflict Damage): Might vs. Guard
A powerful strike with the maul. Advantage 1.
Terrifying Display (inflict Fear): Might vs. Resolve
Howling at the heavens in primeval bloodlust turning even seasoned warriors into cowards
Sledge Slam (inflict Forced Move): Might vs. Guard
An overwhelming strike that forces an opponent back. Advantage 1
Drop (inflict Knockdown): Might vs. Guard
A powerful slam that drives the fight of its target. Advantage 1.
Special Actions
Bloodrage (Battle Trance): Advantage 1 on all attacks. +3 Armor, +3 Toughness, and +3 Resolve.
On their first turn, Beastfolk fly into a Bloodrage at the thought of fresh meat.
Core Rules Compatible


Beastfolk are the result of foul curses brought down by spiteful gods. Their humanity stripped from them and the resulting filled with all the savagery of nature, the resulting beastfolk is a cannibalistic scourge on rural communities. Despite appearances, the species is not devoid of cunning and is capable of tactical action, but once the battle progresses- the call of fresh meat becomes overpowering and they lose all reason.


Inspired by the Goatmen of Diablo and similar bestial hybrids

Alternate Options

What is listed here is a standard but the species as a whole is highly morphic. Some have more dominant rat features and carry potent diseases, others have the heads of wolves and are excellent trackers.


Created for a fantasy setting but also works for post-apocalyptic brute mutants or primitive aliens.

Character Build

Used complex build as a 1st level character.

Visual Description

Somehow both frighteningly inhuman and disturbingly familiar, Beastfolk are a horrific amalgamation of human form with bestial mammalian features. Each individual often varies greatly with features from both predator and prey species, but they all are covered in mangy, bloodcaked fur and a chilling savagery in their eyes. Most are either completely naked or garbed in stolen rags. There weapons are brutal things covered in filth and rust. If the first hit doesn't kill you, the infection undoubtedly will.




Normal to large size


30 foot base speed

Character Background

Created by a vile curse that causes ordinary humans to transform into the hideous creatures. In the wild lands at the corners of the civilized world, entire villages have disappeared overnight after angering one of the primal spirits. The curse not only robs them of their humanity but instills in them an undeniable craving for human flesh.

Good Beastfolk

While "good" might be a bit of a stretch, some Beastfolk are able to resist their savage natures and live as hermits in the wild. They abstain from any contact with either human or Beastfolk kind to remove temptation to join in the great hunt. If one happens to stumble upon one of these hermits, they can be invaluable sources of information about the surrounding wilderness.

Perks & Flaws


The defining psychological feature of Beastfolk is their overpowering love of battle. While they possess some intelligence, all higher functioning is submerged when their instinctual rage takes over. This occurs most often when hunting a sentient creature, as their cursed nature drives them to destroy and devour any trace of civilization to return the world to that of instinct and the laws of nature.


Beastfolk have their agency removed in their transformation to make them an instrument of nature's cruelest brutality. They do not understand this concept or evolve it into any form of religion, but it is at the root of all of their actions. The natural spirits have tried many methods to restore the balance and the curse of the Beastfolk is an act of war against civilization when all other efforts have proved fruitless.


Beastfolk have an instinctual aversion to artifice and tool use. Aside from seizing weapons from their prey, they avoid taking any other action that would deviate from the natural order. This is not based on some philosophy but is more akin to a phobia. Still, some are able to overcome this compulsion to seize upon powerful relics located deep in the wild forests.


Beastfolk exist to restore the world into a primitive state of the hunter and the hunted. They will go out of their way to destroy any form of artifice or creatures in an unnatural state.



Beastfolk are exceptionally strong and robust.


Beastfolk have the endurance of herd animals and are capable of performing strenuous labor for hours on end without rest.


Battle Trance

Beastfolk are natural berserkers slave to their cursed savagery.


The hardiness of their breed makes killing them an endurance trial.



A stand-in for any other bulky two-handed weapon. This gives them advantage on their attacks and favored banes while wielded.

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