Blade Of The Ifrit

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Blade Of The Ifrit
WL 7
Legends say that this sword's blade was forged in the blazing soul of a great Ifrit, a creature of fire. In the process, it received great powers, but also an everlasting curse to every one of its owners.
Barrier PL 5
CR 20 (2d6)
Potent (Persistent Damage)
Reliable (Barrier)
Weapon (Longsword)

Baneful (Persistent Damage)
Damage (Fire)

see Special Section
Wealth Level Modifier: WL (+1 -1) = +/-0
Core Rules Compatible


The Legends do not agree on the creator of this blade. Some say it was made by the gods themselves, some by the greates dwarven blacksmith on the edge of insanity, some say it was made by a hero getting revenge on the Ifrit that destroyed so much of what he loved. But one thing is for certain: It still possesses the powers of the Ifrit it was forged in and also his ever burning hatred.


The fire inflicted with this damage is hard to put out and of magical origin. It is as hot as molten stone.


Whenever a target suffers the Persistent Damage dealt by this blade, it spreads this damage in a 5 ft area around it in form of an explosion.

Fire Barriers made with this item must always have the damaging property. Fire Barriers are also the only type that can be created with this blade.

The sword can only use fire energy.

It cannot be passed on to a new owner before either the previous owner dies or suffers severe burns. Any attempt of passing the blade onto someone else before that will result in the new carrier being burnt severely.

Whenever the owner of this blade dies, their dead body will be set ablaze and burn to ash within minutes.

Wealth Level Calculation

  • +2 - Barrier 5
  • +1 - Potent
  • +2 - Reliable
  • +2 - Baneful
  • -1 - Special (Limiting)
  • +1 - Special (Rest)


To utilize this blade's full potential, a party might need to coordinate their positioning more to drive enemies closer together and make use of its special ability.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

This blade is originally planned for a Fantasy setting of Swords and Sorcery. But here are some ideas of how to make it work in different settings:

  • Sci-Fi: This plasma blade was made by a vengeful engineer. In an effort to foil the plans of the one requesting this blade, he implemented a mechanism that would melt its owner upon death and also anyone trying to aquire this blade while it still has an owner.
  • Horror: The spirit of a pyromaniac resides in this blade, driving its owners into insanity so it may feast upon their body.

Alternate Options

It is also possible to replace the Barrier Boon with Resistance or something similar. If needed, it is also possible to add an actual cursed property

GM Concerns

This item is meant as a reward for a great feat but must be handeled with caution by the GM, but also by the players, as its curse can be quite strong. Some indication for this curse should be shown to the players beforehand.

GMs might want to be careful with the special ability of this item. Putting it on multiple enemies might prove to be too powerful.

DISCLAIMER: This item has not been playtested yet and might turn out to be to strong or too weak!

Notes of Interest

Inspired by a character from "That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime".


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