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Level 1 (0 XP) playable concept, any size ( base)
5 (2d6)
4 (1d10)
3 (1d8)
2 (1d6)
2 (1d6)
2 (1d6)
Hit Points
battle trance

reckless attack

Favored Attacks
blood letting (inflict enter battle trance): none
the blood mage opens a wound on himseld to form an arcane focus of their own blood.
revelry (inflict hemomancy): entropy vs guard
the blood mage fires a bolt of blood at an enemy optionally sacrificing additional blood for anoth attack
sickening display (inflict sicken): entropy vs toughness
the smell of blood is thick around a hemomancer in the fray disgusting the enemy.
frightful display (inflict fear): entropy vs resolve
the hemomancer fearing neither pain nor death is a terrifying foe to face as they appear to torture themselves for greater power.
revelry (inflict demoralize): entropy vs resolve
un flinching and unafraid the hemomancer takes pleasure in the battle and the pain demoralizing foes.
Favored Boons
blood for blood (invoke life drain): entropy vs cr 20 (PL 5)
the blood mage revels in their power adding the blood of victims to their own arcane focus.
Lifeblood (invoke heal): presence vs cr 10+2×PL (PL any)
the blood mage uses blood from their arcane focus to heal themselves or an ally.
blood well (invoke aura(heal)): presence vs cr 18 (PL 4)
Blood from the arcane focus or an allies wounds swirls around an ally or the hemomancer himself closing the wounds of those who enter.
blood of the fallen (invoke summon creature): entropy vs cr 10+2×PL (PL 4+)
the hemomancer uses the blood of his arcane focus to create soldiers or reanimate a corpse.
Core Rules Compatible


The Hemomancer or Blood mage is a magic caster who draws on their own blood to cast spells. The stats are assigned to represent a spellcaster who may need to hide their presence but can be the intimidating presence when needed.

The arcane focus mentioned could take many forms but ultimately represents the power that the hemomancer calls on.

Alternate Options

If the setting would not require the hemomancer to hide their presence you may choose to exchange perception and agility for other attributes that would round out the team or increase your health pool more with additional investments in will, fortitude or presence.

You may also decide you want a more physically capable fighter but enjoy the blood mage flair. By moving your points from agility and perception into might and some points from presence moving that way as well you can make an effective reaver type of character.


The hemomancer is intended for a mid to high fantasy setting where magic could be well known but perhaps forbidden.

That said it could be adapted to fit a doctor in a more scientific setting with certain adjustments. Perhaps they use their own blood to make poisons of course the stats may not be as described above for these settings.

Character Build

This is only a level one build for the concept of a hemomancer that provides the bread and butter of the theme in the form of reckless attack sacrificing health for additional attack action with battle trance serving not only as a prerequisite but also providing quite a bit of flair and reinforcing the player's defenses.

As a blood mage advances in level they may choose a number of different paths to take the character. Either focusing on their boons, banes or their direct damage. With much of the power coming from the primary attribute of entropy though i would recommend taking extraordinary focus which can fit thematically either by creating a stone of your own blood or using the blood from your trance as the focus itself.

The options available to the player should are very broad and the mage can be customized a number of ways.

With heavier fortitude investment you may pick up deathless trance so that your health pool for reckless attacks is technically bottomless. Though be aware that you can die if you cant be healed to 0 within a round of leaving the trance.

As you will most likely be maximizing your entropy stat taking destructive trance and vicious attack can be a good combination.

Basic Information

The blood mage is for all intents and purposes a magical berserker rather than any sort of utility character. Its a simple character to play and get the hang of without being a one trick pony.

The blood mage is able to support the group as well as dish out damage thanks to useful boons like aura healing and life drain all falling within the theme of the character easily.

The biggest concern when playing a blood mage will be the low guard score of 12 without any armor. While raging this does become a 15 but some investment into your agility or might may be worth your while. If you do not want or need to make that investment either because of party makeup or personal preferences you may want to make use of banes like sicken and demoralize since they will impose disadvantage on attack roles.

Visual Description

Hemomancy isnt particularly bound by a physical appearance though players and npcs may notice a number of scars from self inflicted wounds.

Perks & Flaws

Recommended perks and flaws are;


Disease immune



And cosmetic deformity


Not only would a blood mage have a higher fortitude score than other characters but thematically the character would be used to shaking of the pain and conditions that would come from their self inflicted wounds.

Disease Immunity

Whether protected by their magic or simply as a side effect of repeatedly open wounds the blood mage would have an immunity to diseases.

Bloodlust and zealous

A blood mage is fueled by blood though this may only take effect during the ritualistic trance. They would seek to spill blood from their foes and grow in power.

Cosmetic deformity

The blood mage could be covered in scars from their sacrifices for power.

Goals, Beliefs, Instincts, Motivations

While these are all self defined by the player a blood mage would likely hide their magic instinctively much like a necromancer.

Flavoring the Trance

The player may choose to flavor the trance however they choose and these are simply recommendations.

  • blood flows out from a self inflicted wound and begins to coat the body in a crimson armor. This is an excelent choice if you choose to be more physically inclined weilding melee weapons over casting from the back.
  • a swirling mass of blood hovering ominously over your shoulder. This is simple and fitting of the more traditional mage.
  • a bloodstone set in a ring or pendant. Blood flows to the jewel and gives off a sinister air.

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