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Character the Example of Overfilled
Level 1 (2 XP) NPC, Medium size (5 feet base)
30 feet fly speed • 15 feet swim speed • 20 feet burrow speed
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It's a picture of a Great Moustache
5 (2d6)
4 (1d10)
3 (1d8)
3 (1d8)
2 (1d6)
2 (1d6)
1 (1d4)
1 (1d4)
Hit Points
Brutal Intimidation
Combat Momentum
Master Tracker
Fast Draw
Lightning Reflexes I
Reinforced Armor Heavy Armor (Armor Bonus +3, Speed -5)
Mini Gatling Gun It is attached to their chest (Precise, Medium Range, Area [20' Line])
Flaming Longsword Extraordinary Item (Weapon[Longsword], Damage[Fire], Deadly 2)
Ring of Invisibility Extraordinary Item (Invisible 7)
Favored Attacks
Gatling Gun Shot (inflict damage): Agility vs Guard
This attack is a gatling gun, it is crazy, and an area, and so wow
Flaming Sword Thrust (inflict damage): Agility vs Guard
Damage can be Fire or Precise. Advantage 2 from Deadly. Advantage 1 if two-handing.
Burn a Lot (inflict persistent damage): Agility vs Guard
Slicing the flaming sword to catch target on fire. Advantage 1, 2 if two-handing.
OH NO a GATLING gun (inflict fear): Agility vs Resolve
A gatling gun is super scary, run from it! Advantage 2.
My friends are hurt! (inflict demoralize): Agility vs Resolve
That flaming sword hurts a lot of people, so people should feel doubtful of themselves.
Favored Boons
RECOVER (invoke heal): Presence vs CR 12 (PL 1)
Yells encouraging words to boost self-esteem and keep allies in the fight!
ALL the stuff (invoke absorb object): Alteration vs CR 18 (PL 4)
Doesn't actually have Alteration, but man, it would be cool to keep all the stuff in your... chest?
GIVES me WINGS (invoke flight): Alteration vs CR 20 (PL 5)
Red bull anyone? No... if there was Alteration, could totally do this
Free RECOVERY (invoke regeneration): Alteration vs CR 20 (PL 5)
Auto heals at the start of each turn! IF there was Alteration.
That DOES NOT hurt (invoke resistance): Alteration vs CR 20 (PL 5)
+6 vs an attack type! With alteration of course.....
Special Actions
Can't see me! (Activate Ring): Invisible 7 vs CR 22 (PL 6)
Activating the Ring to turn Invisible!
Scale the Wall (Climbing Feat):
Climb with ease and normal movement speed.
Track the Things (Master Tracker feat):
Able to track things.... MASTERFULLY
Intimidate (Brutal Intimidation Feat): Might vs Resolve
Just like persuasion, but with Might because of awesome feat
Can't track me! (Untrackable Feat):
People just can't find where I've been.
Core Rules Compatible


This is just an example, and not a real NPC or Character to use (though I guess you could?). Its purpose is to simply show what a page would look like if all the information was filled in, especially for the infobox. Normally you probably would not have 15 different Favored Actions filled in, but maybe on higher level characters you could. The idea is the infobox is just a snapshot of the character, and all this text on the left side can go into far more detail.


The crazy and very scary mind of Great Moustache!!!

I just filled in stuff very quickly, and then realized I didn't have any boons to fill up the 5 spaces, so I just was like, welp, if I had Alteration I could do these things, but didn't feel like going back and changing the attributes.

Homebrew Used

None, so normally you would just delete this section/header.

Alternate Options

You could build an actual character or NPC that is actually useful for people to see.

Change the gatling gun to a repeating crossbow for some settings, or a laser cannon for others.


This character could be used in any setting, with a few minor tweaks. Built for Fantasy mixed with modern technology. Sci-fi, Modern, Post-Apoc, low Fantasy, High Fantasy, could all be achieved by modifying the flavor just a little.

Character Build

This section is where you go into more details on the actual build of the character/npc/creature. There might not be any text right here though, and just in the sub sections below. This sections below are where you have more detail than in the quick Infobox on the right, as well as include smaller details that aren't as "notable" to include.

Basic Information

This is where I'd go into detail about the Character itself. This subsection is all about the info at the top of the infobar, and then extra info that goes beyond.

Character the Example is a Level 1 NPC, but has 2 XP, so additional attribute points and feat points to use. This NPC was built via the "complex" build method, just like a normal player character would be. As such, it could be used by a player to base their character off of.

Visual Description

Character description of looks and clothing, etc.


Human, Bugbear, etc would go here.


Character the Example is a normal sized creature, that is, they occupy a 5 foot by 5 foot square. Character the Example is 5 foot 11 inches tall. They are super ripped in the arms and legs, but have a beer gut (don't question!!).


Really, just used different movement types to show what it would be like if fully fleshed out. When using types of movement, use it without the "ing" ending.

Character the Example has 30 feet of flying, 15 feet of swimming, and 20 feet of burrowing.

Burrow Speed

Burrow speed of 20 feet is for regular ground. Ground that is particular tough, such as rock, may half the movement speed as the Game Master determines.

Character Background

Character the Example grew up in Township the Example located in the Region of Example. When tragedy struck, Character punched tragedy in the face and made them run home to their mother. That started Character down a path to being .......

Sub section of Background

This is to expound on something from above, or continue it in bitsize chunks.

Perks & Flaws

Now we get to go into some detail of what makes up the Character. Character the Example is PERK GOES HERE, but also has a problem with FLAW GOES HERE. For some NPC and Creatures, this area might not be included.

Perk Name

Area to expand on the Perk and how it is flavored specifically for them.

Perk Name

Area to expand on the Perk and how it is flavored specifically for them.

Flaw Name

Area to expand on the Flaw and how it is flavored specifically for them.

Flaw Name

Area to expand on the Flaw and how it is flavored specifically for them.

Goals, Beliefs, Instincts, Motivations

This helps give more flavor and information about the Character. You might not include any of this, or just some of the sections below. For an NPC, you might only have Motivations, for example, to help other GMs understand how the NPC might react to things the players do.


This could include short and long term goals.


What the character believes and what they will do about that belief.


Things the character does almost on reflex. This can help the character out, like always looking up whenever they enter a new room to make sure nothing is hiding or about to drop on them. Might tie to equipment or a Flaw even. These could get the character into trouble too.


What motivates the Character. For animal creatures, this could be food, protection of themselves or their young.


This section is used to describe the Attributes that are picked, as well as to include the attributes that might not be listed in the infobox b/c they aren't as important, but still part of the build. You can also go into more detail about how the character uses certain Attributes, and possible self-limitations you've put on the character in regards to each attribute.

Attribute 1 reasoning

Agility because... well, it is the first one listed and I was just quickly filling out the attributes. Also, normally, I'd replace "Attribute 1" in the heading to be Agility

Attribute 2 reasoning

Same as above for Fortitude.


You could go into detail not only on each of the Defense areas (Hit Points, Guard, Toughness, Resolve), but ways in which the Character keeps themselves protected. The reasons behind allowing a defense to be low, etc.


Feat 1 reasoning

Feat 2 reasoning


Equipment 1

Equipment 2

Favored Actions





Notes of Interest



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