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Feat Information



What's better than 1 summon ?
2 summons !
Or a stronger/more versatile one.
Using the materials/magic/time usually spent on creating more summons, you use them to improve an existing one instead.

When creating at least 2 summons, you can chose to combine pairs of summons into 1 stronger summon.
The result will have the statistics of one summon with the added statistics of the second summon halved and rounded down.
This applies to all statistics including defense and hit points.
The creature will count as 2 for the purpose of maximum number of creatures summoned.

Community Provided Advice/Information

Flavor for Settings

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Further Clarification

When combining 2 creatures of PL 6 with the following attributes :

Creature 1 : Agility 4, Fortitude 3, Perception 3, HP 6, Defenses 13

Creature 2 : Agility 4, Entropy 3, Perception 3, HP 6, Defenses 13

The result is : Agility 6, Fortitude 3, Perception 4, Entropy 1, HP 9, Defenses 19

In this case, Creature 1 is the primary, so all stats are kept, Creature 2 is the one that merges, so Creature 2 has their stats cut in half, rounded down (or decimals dropped), and then added to Creature 1.

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