Craig, Mikey, And Julian

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These three men are a possible challenge to throw at your players, each with their own stat lines.


What caused you to create this Character?

Homebrew Used


  • Fantasy: A rather small, but rather effective local theives' guild is... not very happy about the party's actions since entering town.
  • Modern: Local street gang thinks the party's a buncha easy targets, and have some coffers they want to fill.
  • Sci-Fi: Few crews of space pirates can operate with a mere escape pod as their ship, yet the one crew known for it is infamous enough to have the third highest bounty in the whole galaxy.

Character Build

Basic Information

This is a complex build level 6 boss made of three characters.


Craig gets 2 of the 3 boss actions.

Visual Description

He’s a well-groomed fellow. His clothes are well-ironed, and clearly better than he should be able to afford. Calm, collected appearance, looks like he’s rarely ever seen actual combat.




Average sized. He’d fit easy in a 5 foot square on the ground, but barely stretch over a cube at five foot six inches.


He can move 30 feet in a Move action, but he likes to go nice and slow when everything is calm.

Character Background

Craig was always such a smart guy. Helpful one, too. But, none of that mattered to anyone. Not anyone but the people who took full advantage of it. Only two people ever thanked him for any of it, as well. Now, Craig is the brains of his own little criminal underworld.

Perks & Flaws

As a Fugitive and a Scholar, Craig’s an Ambitious  yet Cowardly fellow. As much as his team means to him, Craig learned the hard way it’s every man for himself in the end.


Craig and his crew are known by every felon and misdemeanorer in town. If Craig says do it, “or else” is implied.


Of all the fields to know, you’d think Craig wouldn’t care much for the law. But, as he says, you need to know the rules before breaking any.


Craig wants to rule this town, and make a killing as he does. If he has to leave somebody behind, then so be it. Even if it is the only two people to ever mean anything to him.


Craig is… not brave. He hides behind his teammates until he can’t any longer, and if things start looking hopeless, it will be hard for him to not just hightail it.

Goals, Beliefs, Instincts, Motivations

Ultimately, he wants power and control. And right now, that means making sure he has a stranglehold on the area.


Craig has learned the hard way that it’s every man for himself in the end. Even his pals are abandonable if they can’t, or won’t, protect him.


Craig will flinch, hide, cower, and generally just get overwhelmed whenever things get dangerous.


Craig wants power. Control. If he can get control over someone or somewhere, he’ll do so.


Agility 1

Learning 7

Told you he was the smart one around here!

Logic 7

Of course, adaptability is also important.

Persuasion 7

And he doesn’t want any trouble, he just wants what he wants, and he wants to leave without anyone getting hurt.


20 HP

17 Guard, as he’s not exactly practiced with protecting himself.

17 Toughness, never could take a hit well…

22 Resolve, as fearful as he is, his brilliance reinforces what little he has.


Boon Focus III (Heal)

He’s not much a fighter, but he knows how to treat a wound. Plus, with this line of work, he has to quite often.

Skill Specialization V (Learning)

It might not help in fights, but Craig’s brain is a well-oiled machine.

Skill Specialization I (Logic)

While his improv isn’t as good, it’s still quite impressive.

Favored Actions


Agility, weak as it is, serves as really his best offense. He'll grab whatever he can if he has to fight, but he'll try his best to avoid any altercation he can.

Demoralized 6 (Persuasion-Guard)

Knockdown (Agility-Guard)

Slowed (Agility-Guard)


Heal 7 (Learning/Logic)


Mikey gets no boss actions, save for 1 in his Finale if he gets one.

Visual Description

Mikey’s big, strong, and completely terrifying. Slightly torn clothes, and a happy expression that turns monstrous when you get him mad.


Human, not that he always acts like it.


He’ll fit in a 5 foot square, but at 7 feet tall, he’ll tower high over most.


30 foot ground speed, but he’s a charger sometimes.

Character Background

Mikey was always told to be careful. It was Mikey’s job to be normal. If he’s just be normal, then people wouldn’t hurt him. Nobody would hurt him if he. Was just. Normal.

Mikey got sick of that.  Now, if you cross him, you do NOT have long to say sorry. And you better.

Now he stands by the only two people who didn’t give a flying feather that he’s strange.

Perks & Flaws

Brute as Brutus, and Courageous to boot. But, his Bloodlust is hard to sate now, and his Vengeful personality can bring greater problems...


Let’s just say it’s hard to refuse someone strong enough to pulverize stone.


You don’t scare him. It is he who scares you.


He’s looking for an excuse to scare ya, and sometimes he’ll just skip ahead. That said, he likes the feeling of blood on his hands.


You will respect Mikey, or you will die. He is not lenient on this.

Goals, Beliefs, Instincts, Motivations

He wants respect. Give him that, and you’re good. That said, he’s a fan of scaring people as well, both in short bursts and over time.


Mikey, he knows how it feels to be weird. He thinks just being weird doesn’t mean you’re less a person. Mikey will be kind to the oddballs people look down on, and won’t think highly of people whose best attribute is “normal.”


Mikey has… few instincts. Only notable one is that he tends to always keep at least somewhat of an intimidating stance, even if he doesn’t know it.


Mikey will not let the Normals dictate who does and does not matter, what is and is not allowed. If he has to ignore the law to make it happen, so be it.


Agility 5

Likes to get the first couple hits himself.

Might 3

Strong one, that’s for certain.

Perception 1

Deception 1

Alteration 3

His pain fades off pretty quickly.

Influence 7

Intimidation is totally Influence! You wanna go? You wanna GO!?


Guard 22, he has to deal with this a lot.

Toughness 20, because he sure can take a hit.

Resolve 17, easily angered, not too bright.


Martial Focus (Unarmed) lets him punch hard as possible!

Lethal Strike VI, he’s aiming to kill.

Favored Actions


His might acts as his main offense, going in unarmed to supplement his brutality.

His orders are so aggressive they count as Dominated 5, Influence included.

His glare strikes Fear into one’s very heart, having great Influence.

Pushy guy like him can cause a Forced Move easy, he Might.

Pushovers, though, get Knockdowns free, with Might to spare.

When he says don’t lie, Truthfulness takes over fast, and has much Influence.


Regeneration 3, he can get back up as easy as his Alteration.

Resistance, he acts as the Protection himself.

Restoration, it’s out of Protection he scares his friends.


Julain gets just 1 of the 3 Boss Actions.

Visual Description

Smug freaking mug and an outfit that screams “I am better than you.”


Only a human can be this aggravating.


5 foot square compatible, and almost 5 foot cube compatible at five feet one inch.


30 feet on the ground, and hopefully that far under.

Character Background

Julian was always a master of ticking everybody off. He gets a sort of kick out of it, honestly. Why? Because sometimes you gotta be a bigger problem so someone else can do what they have to. The number of beggars he turned into thieves is countless, and he’s helped every last one of them escape. Better than dealing with the poor life he once lived.

Perks & Flaws

A Scavenger, and a Street Rat. He’s got some real Bravado, I can assure ya of that. But he’s greedy as well, to starvation he won’t go back.


Julian can get you what nobody else can. After all, he’d be dead if he couldn’t.

Street Rat

Sneaky theft meant dinner for him.


Sometimes Julian is a bit too used to being distracting…


Julian knows how quickly money goes. He. Knows.

Goals, Beliefs, Instincts, Motivations

Really, he simply wants to help. Help stop the pains he once lived with. Even if it’s a world that hates him, it’ll be a world where everybody can eat.


Nobody should have to feel that pain, and if he has to cook a meal himself to make someone eat, he will do it. And happily.


He sees someone hungry, his first impulse is to offer a meal. Sees them hurting, wants to help them. Unless they’ve ticked him off, of course.


Julian knows how it feels to not have food. Not have family. Not have a home.

Julian doesn't want anyone else to know.


Agility 1

Fortitude 7

Will 7

Presence 7

Whether he’s keeping his teammates encouraged or making a freaking scene, his mere existence is one huge issue.


Guard 19

He can handle some self defense, but he needs to keep his act up at the same time.

Toughness 22

Tanking a hit is fortunately easier.

Resolve 17

Not the most resolute, as it turns out.


Boon Focus III (Aura)

Even just getting near him is so annoying!

Multi-Bane Specialist (Demoralized-Provoked)

Aggravating, but not exactly wrong…

Bane Focus (Demoralized)

He… has a point, actually…

Bane Focus (Provoked)

He. Is. Such. A. Menace.

Favored Actions


While his Agility... exists, and he'll grab a weapon if he has to, his main goal is to be a shield and a target. As such, if he gears up, he'll be going for defense and attention grabbing more than for offense.

Scathing Insults (Demoralized-Provoked, Presence)

You just wanna punch him so much! And worse, he’s making sense!


Aura 6 (Presence)

Bolster 6 (Presence)


Homebrew rule used.

Notes of Interest

These three sure seem bound to one another, but with just the right moves, you might just get them to deal with themselves. Well, each other.


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