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Creation engine
WL 6
the creation engine is an extraordinary item that is capable of broadening a player's combat arsenal by allowing them to create and modify their own weapons
Genesis PL 9

The Creation Engine creates weapons and tools through the Genesis boon listed and are stored in the item which can be summoned as an action.
Wealth Level Modifier: WL -1
Core Rules Compatible


The creation engine is a broad name for any number of extraordinary pieces of equipment. The exact name and appearance may depend on the setting.

This item allows the player to spend 8 hours invoking the genesis boon at 9th level reliably but are limited to making weapons or tools.


Reliable: this item allows the player to invoke its boons without making a roll.

While this does mean the player can invoke genesis without rolling it does not mean the items they create automatically hit their marks.


The Creation engine is able to create items which can be summoned by the player as an action similarly to the absorb object boon. Only one item can be created by the creation engine at a time creating another item will destroy the one that is not currently stored inside.

The Item can only be used to create weapons,armor, and tools which would be possible through the "craft mundane item" feat. Extraordinary items cannot be created in this way.

When the item is stored it does not count as having any of the typical carrying disadvantages that may be attributed to the player otherwise such as the bulky property.

Wealth Level Calculation

  • +5 - Genesis 9
  • +2 - Reliable
  • -1 - the special property is limiting

Homebrew Used



The Creation engine is primarily used to give players options in combat that they can prepare ahead of time. They may want to switch up their weapons regularly or want to carry traps along with them that they can disperse around the battlefield.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

The creation engine can take on different names and appearances based on setting but can be used in almost any setting

  • Science Fiction: the creation engine is refered to as a holoforge. It takes the form of a sleek pack that can be worn on the back or a smaller verion which can be worn off the hip. It may a lens or mechanical appendages that construct the objects out of hard light energy much like a forcefield.
  • Fantasy: The Tome of Warriors is a book that radiates magical power to those who are perceptive of such. To others it is simply a book that contains the stories of Ranger Sharpshooters, Barbarian Warriors, and Thieving Tricksters overcoming deadly situations either with their quick wits and trusty tools, their skills beyond compare or their sheer overwhelming strength. When called upon the book surrenders weapons for the owner to forge their own legends inspired by these heroes.
  • The creation engine in this last case is less an item and more a pet. The item itself is nothing more than a plain leather sachelbut inside is an amorphous creature, perhaps an alchemical accident. An ooze like creature rests in the pouch constantly changing textures and even its molecular structure. The Shifting Ooze can be trained to take on the likeness of almost any item its master wants.

To adapt the Creation engine to any setting you simply need a thematic way for it to create the objects the player wants to make.

Alternate Options

The folowing characteristics can be added in order to make the item more or less powerful as you see fit

  • roll for the number of items the creation engine can conjure up. 1d4 items would allow the player to store an arsenal of weapons and armor and let them adapt more frequently as an action
  • instead of summoning the items as an action treat the creation engine itself as a weapon with the slow property giving disadvantage on initiative
  • keep the one stored item restriction but allow them to store 1d4 traps and let them maintain 1-3 active traps.
  • siege weapons like cannons and catapults are a grey area with the creation engine you may allow or disallow these as you see fit
  • have the GM confirm any item that wants to be made.
  • the player can only create simple weapons they are familiar with unless they have the "craft mundane item" feat.

GM Concerns

The GM may have concerns with regard to items and abilities which take control of equipment away from what they have chosen to provide. However with just the standard item being a single weapon that takes 8 hours to change, the creation engine is actually fairly weak as an item.

The creation engine is also not intended to give players access to items that do not fit with the setting or themes of the campaign. GMs should reserve the right to say no to a medieval human walking around with light machine guns.

Notes of Interest

On its own without any of the additional rules the creation provides no more utility than buying the items it creates.


Links to places like Heromuster for a item sheet, or possibly related characters or items, or different wealth levels.

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