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Feat Information

Cost: 1


  • Tier 1 Attribute Score of 4
  • Tier 2 Attribute Score of 6
  • Tier 3 Attribute Score of 8

Whether you give a flurry of blows that takes a moment to kill, or you inject a neurotoxin that takes it's sweet time, or you pump disposeable nanobots into someone's heart to shut it down after so many cycles, you can make your abilities take a moment to take effect.

When you perform a Bane atttack or choose to inflict a Bane for an Exceptional Success, you can choose to make it a Delayed Effect. You can only have one Delayed Effect readied at any given time. You can cause the Bane to activate at a later point as a Minor Action. The Delayed Effect becomes inert and unable to be made active after a time depending on the tier of this feat you possess. If performing a Bane Attack, you must determine if it is to be a Delayed Effect before performing the roll. If your Delayed Effect fails to beat the target's Defense, they become immediately aware of your attempt, even if they would otherwise not, such as you being in stealth, or applying it from such a vast distance away that they would not be aware you exist, let alone tried to bring them harm.

  • Tier 1 - Delay for a minute.
  • Tier 2 - Delay for an hour.
  • Tier 3 - Delay for a day.

The applicability of Delayed Effect is subject to case-by-case approval by the GM. The link must be logical and consistent with the story you are trying to tell. The GM should prevent players from performing illogical Delayed Effects purely to make themselves more powerful.

Community Provided Advice/Information

Flavor for Settings

If you have an idea for a flavor for a specific setting, feel free to add it here


A spell on a timer, a potion diluted with some water or alchohol, or an incantation where you stop just before the final syllable can leave your foes wondering why nothing happened.


A logic bomb in a cyborg's code, or a tiny change to just a small few molecules in a target's body, and they'll be suffering as you run off.


Many poisons take a while to do the deed, and a hairline fracture or a strong blow to the liver can leave someone in immense pain only after the fact.


A few pressure points can leave somebody already dead for a long time, though if you harness the raditation surrounding you, that also works.


Toxins made from alien spleens and phasers with a million plus settings leave many wondering if they are dead and do not know.

Further Clarification

First: The player elects to inflict a Bane against a target. Second: If a Bane Attack, roll. If an exceptional success, move to step 3. Third: Either the player activates the Bane as a Minor action later, or their allotted time runs out, and the Bane dissipates.

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