Discipline Priest

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Discipline Priest
Level 1 Archetype, DM Discretion size ( base)
30 speed
2 (1d6)
3 (1d8)
2 (1d6)
4 (1d10)
2 (1d6)
5 (2d6)
Hit Points
Boon Focus I (Heal)
Boon Access (Spying)

Multi-Target Boon Specialist I

Favored Attacks
Smite (inflict Damage): Creation vs Guard
A burst of radiant / holy energy is released from the casters hands / holy symbol burning the target.
Pain (inflict Persistent Damage): Entropy vs Toughness
Shadowy energy surrounds and pierces the target over and over dealing persistent damage.
Psychic Scream (inflict Fear): Entropy vs Toughness
A burst of energy leaves the caster and shows surrounding enemies their greatest fear causing them to flee. May be cast at a single or at multiple targets.
Shackle (inflict Immobile): Entropy vs Toughness
Shadowy shackles envelope the targets legs to prevent movement.
Mind Vision (inflict Spying): Chosen Boon vs Resolve
The caster looks through the void (or light) and reaches across the expanse able to view their target at a distance.
Favored Boons
Shadow Friend (invoke Summon Creature): Entropy CR 18 (PL 4)
The shadow friend can take on any appearance the caster desires (whether of an animal or otherworldly creature) but will always appear engulfed in shadow with hard to discern features. It may use claw or bite attacks, or use its presence to inspire or heal its master.
Purify (invoke Restoration): Creation CR 14 (PL 2)
With whispered words and subtle movements, the caster unleashes a divine energy cleansing banes from their target(s).
Heal (invoke Heal): Creation CR 14 (PL 2)
Healing energy fills the target with a sense of purpose and renewal, strengthening them and calling them to continue on.
Renew (invoke Regeneration): Creation CR 14 (PL 2)
Healing energy gently renews the target, whispering words of encouragement to push them forward in battle.
Special Actions
Holy Nova (Use Boon Focus I (Heal)):
Holy energy radiates out from the caster healing multiple allies of their choosing. If it is just one ally, the boon is successful. For targeting multiple allies, the caster gains advantage 2 on the roll to invoke the boon. Due to multi-target boon specialist, reduce disadvantage by 1.
Core Rules Compatible


The Discipline Priest is all about balance between light and dark. Using shadow to harm enemies while at the same time using light to renew and protect friends.


I am a fan of Warcraft and have wanted to run a World of Warcraft themed game for a long time. While that is still in the making, I thought I'd work up some of my favorite classes to play starting with my main - the Discipline Priest.


Because this character archetype is simply a devoted priest, it can fit in anywhere you have a devoted worshiper, a fanatic cult member or simply someone who worships the idea of balance and karma.

Character Build

In Warcraft, for me, the Discipline Priest is all about balance between light and dark. Because this is a level 1 build, I focused on giving strong offense while maintaining the ability to heal and leaving room to grow into more Creation or adding in Movement or Protection (in case you want something like Fade, Leap of Faith, Power Word: Shield, etc).

My hope is that this is a playable build and able to go right out of the gate.

Alternate Options

The Discipline Priest can focus on Creation, Entropy or grow into Movement or Protection depending on what the player character wants to focus on. To start at Level 1, you can swap out Boon Focus for Bane Focus and change out Multi Target Boon for Multi Target Attack Specialist to make a more offense oriented priest - Or change the feats out altogether to focus on protection.


I started by making this priest a little weak (as in Warcraft they often need to be protected), but gave them high Willpower. After all, when you mess with the hearts and minds of others, it's often because you know your own. I added basic Perception and some Learning. It can be of any type, but perhaps most focused on Religion (obviously). Finally this is rounded out with Creation and Entropy so they can wield the light and the dark as they desire.


Core Rules Compatible.


Link to come for the spec sheet on the Shadow Friend.


Credit to Activision Blizzard for World of Warcraft and their Priest Class.

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