Divine Orders

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Divine Orders
WL 8
A stone necklace that allows a known or unknown source control whoever has it on.
Cursed (Dominated 9)


Resist orders starting at disadvantage one and going one higher for each consecutive failure.
Wealth Level Modifier: WL 0
Core Rules Compatible


A pebble necklace, able to control the wearer's mind. Perhaps made by actual Gods, perhaps by mere mortals. The wearers may be actively controlled, or obeying the final orders of the dead.


Orders can be resisted individually with disadvantage 1 on resist up to 3 times in 24 hours. The same order as a resisted one cannot be reissued to the wearer for an hour. A failed resist adds disadvantage equal to what it had on it's roll before added advantages from feats, perks, boons, and other possible sources to the next resist roll against a command.

To clarify, if the wearer fails 10 resists, their eleventh has disadvantage 11. If they succeed in a resist, the next resist resets to disadvantage 1. Chooseing not to resist a command does not have an effect, although the GM is free to have it reduce the disadvantage if they deem it appropriate. If feats, boon, perks, or any other source reduces this disadvantage, it is ignored for changing the amount added after failure.

Wealth Level Calculation

WL: 8

  • +5 - Cursed (Dominated 9)
  • +3 - Sentient


This item is used for control above all else. Give orders, and have them be carried out until you issue new orders. Or forever, if you never issue newer orders.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

  • A necklace worn by worshippers of a specific God. Perhaps children in a certain community are taught that wearing it is giving yourself completely to their deity, and it is a great and noble sacrifice, or maybe there is a whole group of people who all wear the necklaces, and are trying rather hard to make others wear then too.
  • Made by a mortal. Perhaps there is a villain brainwashing the people, or, maybe there is a community of people all looping the same list of actions, day in, day out, because their master died, but the effects and orders live. Perhaps explore the effects of long term domination as well, maybe have their dedication to their orders translate into kidnapping people to carry out the orders of someone who died on the job, which could also act as a way to introduce the group.

GM Concerns

Be very careful before giving your players the option to register themselves as master with one of these. This is a necklace that can give them permanent control of whoever they can get it onto if that happens.


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