Earnest Ernest's Wristband Of Honesty

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Earnest Ernest's Wristband Of Honesty
WL 7
Cursed (Mind Dredge 9)

Cursed (Truthfulness 5)

Mind Dredge constantly refreshes memory to ensure beliefs are up to date and consistent.
Wealth Level Modifier: WL 0
Core Rules Compatible


A wristband used to make people tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


Any prior events that would influence the wearer's beliefs are pushed to the forefront of the person's mind, ensuring no accidental deceit from having forgot what the truth is.

Wealth Level Calculation

WL 3

  • +5 - Cursed (Mind Dredge 9)
  • +2 - Cursed (Truthfulness 5)


Put it on someone's wrist and they'll tell you the truth, and also get a mental rush of all memories relevant to the truth they tell you.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

  • Courts have found a new way to get a confesion.
  • Lies are a figment of the past now that everyone is assigned a bracelet at birth!


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