Equipment Dispenser

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Equipment Dispenser
WL 5
A glorified 3D printer either with static presets or a scanner. Can't copy magic.
28 (3d10)
Core Rules Compatible


A device capable of printing out a few standard items. Swords, armor, rope, whatever the buttons on it have been labelled. Or, some have a templates zone where you can set an item for it to copy off. Just know it can't copy any extraordinary aspects.


GM chooses per instance either the Vending or Copying style, and for Vending, a few items it is able to vend. It is suggested that the list be thematic, such as weapons, mounaiteering gear, silverware, literature, or other possible patterns. For Copying style, players must select an item they have, and the machine will print another one. If it is an extraordinary item, the copy will be stripped of it's extraordonary features. For example, a sword with peristent Bolster would just print a regular sword, or printing a Copying style machine using another Copying style machine would result in a shell that superficially resembles the machine but does not work. Each order takes 8 hours to finish printing.

Wealth Level Calculation

WL 5

  • +5 - Genesis 9


This item is often used for the quick creation of supplies, such as swords, armor, rope, sporks, hats, and more. The available options will often be reflective of where the machine is. For example, one by a mountain would have lots of supplies for climbing mountains, while one in a restuarant kitchen would have appropriate utensils for the type of dishes served, like chopsticks for sushi.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

  • Ever since hyperefficient 3D printing met the vending machine, traditional storefronts have become quite the rarity.
  • While the Greater Gods grant gifts without wait, they gift only extravagance. The lesser deities of lesser things need time, but they will arm you for more than darklords. Sometimes, it's the daily struggles that hurt the most.

GM Concerns

Make sure you don't let your players print things infinitely, and with Copying style machines, make sure you're careful about what's accepted as a template.


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