Eternal Spring Canteen

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Eternal Spring Canteen
WL 7
A canteen that when opened steadily fills and overflows with water until recapped.
CR 28 (3d10(Reliable))

Core Rules Compatible


A caanteen that overflows constantly as long as it's uncapped.


Create 45 cubic feet of water an hour, slightly less than six gallons a minute. Can and will overflow, possibly indefinitely.

Wealth Level Calculation

WL 7

  • +5 - Genesis 9
  • +2 - Reliable.


Endless water is useful duronf droughts or in deserts, and it's as easy as just tearing the cap off an letting it flow out.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

  • Ever since the rain stopped, peoplenhave jad to make their own water. Nobody honestly knows why, but in a workd that hot, it's just thenleast of their issues.
  • Desert adventurers dare not let their trusty canteen leave them for a second. So, dinding one unattended is... well, not a good sign.

GM Concerns

Just remember that this is infinite water, caooed only by a literal cap that comes stabdard with the actual canteen. You might want people to carry spare caps around just in case someone leaves an uncapped canteen somewhere they shouldn't.


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