God's Gift

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God's Gift
WL 16
A necklace that Dominates the wearer and gives them the power to Dominate.
9 (3d10)
Cursed (Dominated 9)

Powerful 3

Core Rules Compatible


What exactly it is the GM can decide, and different instances can be different items.


The item keys as the master a specific person, who the character with the object is treated as Dominated by.

Wealth Level Calculation

WL 16

  • +5 - Dominated 9
  • +5 - Cursed (Dominated 9)
  • +5 - Powerful 3
  • +1 - Potent


This item is well-used as a tool for control. The right gifts in the right places with the right orders could make managing an empire as easy as managing a platoon.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

  • The villain has spread so many of these that even if the player could undo the curse, undoing one out in the open or undoing too many too fast could lead to an entire kingdom, nobles, peasant, guards, men, women, and children swarming the party to end them right on the spot.
  • A small few are being controlled by a common puppet master, but the item itself isn't obvious, nor suspicious, and getting near ebough to break the curse will be a challenge in itself just because the person or people affected are important and guarded extremely well.
  • An authoritarian dictatorship uses not even hidden God's Gifts on rebels, or, if a rather effective regime, on all citizens, and seeks to Dominate the world.

GM Concerns

It is recommended that players not be permitted to register themselves as master with any God's Gifts. It is also recommended that the GM treat this item as if it were Legendary, making it serve the plotline moreso than expecting the players to get much use from it.


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