Golem Doctor

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Golem Doctor
WL 9
A golem that can heal and restore you.
9 (3d10)

Can only invoke heal and restoration, not amy other bion, nor a single bane.
Wealth Level Modifier: WL 0
Core Rules Compatible


It walks, it never talks, and it can help you to feel so much better too!


It can invoke 2 boons amd tend to patients without need for an operator.


It can only use creation for invoking Heal and Restoration.

Wealth Level Calculation

WL 9

  • +6 - Creation 9
  • +3 - Sentient


It uses itself, healong and restoring it's patients.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

  • A scifi robotic autodoc in a hospital.
  • A fantasy golem with basic medical skill instilled into it on creation.

GM Concerns

Due to the power level of the golem's boons, you will want it to be inconvenient to visit such as having it refuse to leave the hospital and having fights happen mostly away from hospitals, or even just have it work indiscriminantly so that if a fight breaks out near it, it helps both sides.


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