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Feat Information

Cost: 1

Might 5

Whether you are a bouncer at a bar with a lot of problem patrons, or a peace officer who has broken up thousands of fights in the past, or just have a lot of easily angered friends who rely on you to stop them from doing something they'll regret, your expertise in grappling lets you drag people around easily.

When you succeed in using the Immobile Bane using Might to lock the target into grapple, when you use your Major action to reinvoke Immobile to move yourself and your target, you may succeed without rolling.

Community Provided Advice/Information

Flavor for Settings

If you have an idea for a flavor for a specific setting, feel free to add it here


As a former guard of the king, you know some people aren't a threat to the crown, but moreso to themselves, so you've had to drag a lot more people out than you've had to actually harm.


Originally meant for better hugs, these metal tendrils have proven very useful for restraining unruly test subjects. Now they can be forced onto the operatinng table!


Mikey's impulsive, short temperered, and needlessly violent. If it wasn't for you holding him back, he'd be covered in blood most of the time, but instead you could just drag him away, and he calmed down after a bit.


Jake would run into whatever danger's around if there was even a scrap of food to get. The number of times you've had to pull him away from running into a mutant pile is just staggering.


Thanks to your fancy new nuclear bionics, you can get your grip twice as quick, and keep it too!

Further Clarification

Essentially, the Immobile effect "While grappling in this manner, you can attempt to inflict this bane again upon the target. If successful, you can move your speed and take the target with you. If this attack fails, you can only move by first releasing the target and ending the bane." is replaced with "You can freely move as normal, with the addition that the target comes with you to wherever you move, for as long as they are affected by your Immobile through Might."

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