Home mote

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Home mote
WL 4+special
a decorative stone or jewel fastened to the center of a length of cloth or ribbon that acts as a doorway to a portable home
absorb object 4
18 (1d10)

the nature of the mote is a dwelling with limited space
Wealth Level Modifier: WL 0
Core Rules Compatible


The home mote is a particular favorite of wayfarers, traveling mages, and artificers alike. It is a portable dwelling that can easily be carried.

The appearance of the mote itself can vary from a stone with rope to a diamond fastened to an intricate fillagri setting with draping silken cloth.

When the mote is activated it floats in the air at a height where the attached matterials gently brush the ground. Those who part the hanging materials will see the insides of a dwelling space though the exact accomodations may vary.


The object can be used reliably provided the players are in a position to activate it.


The mote is a finite space though the amount of space in the mote is determined by the dm. The mote is intended to be a dwelling for the players on their travels not for it to be an infinite storage space.

The dm may determine that the accomodations and dwelling space of the mote range from a nice tent to a small manor or beyond.

Wealth Level Calculation

WL 4 +

  • +0 - special is a clarification of the nature
  • +2 - reliable
  • +2 - absorb object boon
  • +x - the baseline accomodations are similar to that of a large tent anything more extravagant should be reflected in the wealth level of the item.


The home mote is a portable home for the players while they are out adventuring. It serves no purpose that is different from that of a camp site.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

The home mote is designed with a fantasy setting in mind however it could be adapted to others.

  • scifi- a transponder that once set in a location can teleport players back to their ship
  • fantasy - the mote is generally a stone in the center of a hanging material

Do not underestimate the usefulness of the Item should it be in the hands of a villain. Perhaps a crooked lord has a stone set beneath his desk in his study and when the players come to confront him he dives under his desk to a secret armory.

Alternate Options

As stated a number of times prior the DM is responsible for determining the exact accomodations of the mote. Perhaps it is a self sustaining mansion. Consider adding genesis to the mote for added interest in the item. A low level genesis boon can produce food for the players. At level 9 genesis could be used to maintain an armory for the players.

Perhaps the mote has rejuvinating properties and the players can restore their health more quickly inside the mote. 

There may be a scrying pool inside which can be used to spy on enemies.

Perhaps also allow for multiple motes to be linked to create multiple doorways.

GM Concerns

The primary concern when creating this item was how it effects resting and the clasic ambush and keeping guard/watch

Those familiar with Dungeons and Dragons may be familiar with spells that create similar accomodations. Important things to keep in mind are

1) the mote is a physical object that exists in the word

2) the doorway into the mote is a hanging material that cannot be secured from the inside

3) the mote floats in the air which would draw the attention of a passerby if it is not hidden

Notes of Interest

The basis for the mote is that it works on the absorb object boon. This means it is subject to expelling the players if the mote is targeted by the nulify bane.

The mote once active can be used by anyone unless otherwise ruled by the gm. This is particularly interesting if the mote uses the optional featurre to link motes together. If one active mote is found the dwelling can be invaded by another.

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