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Often times with Open Legend, people have attempted to homebrew something only to later realize you can already achieve this via the already existing core rules. Using homebrew content can easily break games, but that's the purpose of this wiki, to provide a single source for people to post ideas and playtest them to see if they work in practice and then fine tune them via editing of the wiki.

Boon Information

Duration: Sustain Persists

Invocation Time: 1 movement action

Power Level: 2

Alteration, Creation, energy,entropy, learning,logic

whether a tech savvy space fairer who can alter the output of a laser gun to help disrupt a force field, a magical enchanter who wreaths a mace in radiance knowing the undead he fights will wither beneath its glow or a learned man who pours oil upon a sword and ignites it. you know how to alter an item to exploit vulnerabilities and avoid resistances.

target one item or weapon. you temporarily change the damage type an item can produce, when invoking this boon select one damage type: forceful, precise, fire, cold, radiant, necrotic (this list is not exhaustive and other damage types may be approved by the GM)

Community Provided Advice/Information

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Further Clarification

this bane is only designed to change the damage type/output of an item or weapon and is not designed to add any further propoties or change the attribute used for the item or weapon. At the GM discretion an exceptional success may grant the weapon or item access to a bane appropriate to the chosen damage type that is not normally accociated with that weapons properties that can be applied with a damaging attack or bane attack made with the weapon (for instance: giving a bow knock down or force move if changed to a forcefull damage type by wrapping its head in a wall of magical force)

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