Indomitable Endurance (I - V)

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Feat Information

Cost: 2

  • Tier 1:
    • Fortitude: 5 or Will: 5
  • Tier 2:
    • Fortitude: 5 or Will: 5
  • Tier 3:
    • Fortitude: 5 or Will: 5
  • Tier 4:
    • Fortitude: 5 or Will: 5
  • Tier 5:
    • Fortitude: 5 or Will: 5

Your endurance and willpower are legendary, allowing you to push on when others would keel over from exhaustion. A barbarian able to recover their wind after a mighty frenzy, or a computer hacker capable of routinely going for days without sleep while focused on a singular objective are good examples of this feat in action.

You are able to shrug off the effects of the fatigued bane. For each tier you possess in this feat, treat your fatigue level as one lower than it actually is for the purposes of determining the bane's effects.

This feat is from the core rules, and can be found here on the Main Website

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