Lethal damage

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Lethal damage is used sparingly in Open Legend as a way for GMs to paint a picture of injury consequences over time. This is especially helpful for grim and gritty storylines where the effects of injury should extend beyond a combat encounter. Lethal damage is also appropriate for traps or environmental hazards, which often occur outside of combat and thus would pose no threat using the usual damage and healing rules.

When a character suffers lethal damage, their maximum hit point total is reduced by the amount of lethal damage it sustains. The maximum lethal damage a creature can accrue is equal to its maximum hit points. If a creature sustains lethal damage greater than or equal to its maximum hit point total, the creature is unconscious until it heals at least 1 hit point of lethal damage.

Examples and Explanations

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Healing Lethal Damage

See Healing Lethal Damage

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