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Flaw Information

This is a good compliment with the Dark Vision Perk.

Option 1

Whether through a racial trait, being a cave dweller from birth or from an accident, you are light sensitive. You can't stand high light-levels, like direct sunlight or the light from an electric torch being shone into your eyes.

Optional things to consider

You gain disadvantage 2 on attack rolls and perception rolls that are done in environments with high light-levels.

You might gain -1 on your Guard.

PC and DM may also consider giving disadvantage 1 in above-medium light-levels.

Option 2

Taken from here.

Your eyes are sharp and keenly aware of many things, but this also makes you sensitive to sudden changes in light levels, often leaving you stunned or blinded.

Community Provided Advice/Information

Flavor for Settings


You are of a cave dwelling race mini dragons or giant humanoid rats, this flaw might be for you.




Radiation or poison has damaged your eyes, you can't stand the daylight.


You have spent so much time in the outer parts of the star-system that you have developed a sensitivity for the stars light. When you have to travel into the system, you close the visor on your craft to not be dazzled by overwhelming light.

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