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Homebrew Content

  • Rules Combat actions, supplemental, alterations, and radical variant rules, etc.
  • Feats Additional character options, supplemental, alterations to existing feats, etc.
  • Boons For specific settings, supplemental, alterations to existing boons, etc.
  • Banes For specific settings, supplemental, alterations to existing banes, etc.
  • Perks For specific settings, supplemental, alterations to existing perks, etc.
  • Flaws For specific settings, supplemental, alterations to existing flaws, etc.
  • Creatures/NPCs For specific settings & examples others have made, etc.
  • Equipment/Items For specific settings, examples others have made in their games, etc.
  • Add a New Page for a Character/NPC, item, feat, boon/bane, etc.

Open Game Content

Pages published under OGL, etc

Useful Resources

Heromuster Tools


  • Actual Play Watch and/or Listen to actual games of Open Legend being played
  • Instructional Helpful media that breaks down things like character creation, item creation, rules break down, etc.

Open Legend SRD

Pages published by Seventh Sphere that are allowed from the System Reference Document (SRD). Full rules are available on their website.

  • Rules Find explanations and examples for FAQs on Rules.
  • Feats Find explanations and examples for FAQs on Feats.
  • Boons Find explanations and examples for FAQs on Boons.
  • Banes Find explanations and examples for FAQs on Banes.
  • Perks Find explanations and examples for FAQs on Perks.
  • Flaws Find explanations and examples for FAQs on Flaws.
  • Errata A list of corrections from the printed book edition.

What is Open Legend RPG?

"Open Legend is a streamlined system designed to let you tell big stories using small rules. The rules get complex when they need to, but never cumbersome, and wherever they could be cut out or simplified, they have been." - from Open Legend RPG's Website

Open-source (FREE) Role-Playing Game for any genre. Create heroes other systems said you couldn't. Exploding dice drive epic stories. Free form storytelling with strategic fun!

The full rules are available on the website for free, you can start reading them right here. At first, Open Legend seems very simple, but the deeper you go, the more you can find this system can do. You might have 2 players that could, though highly unlikely, pick the exact same Attributes, Feats, Boons, and Banes, but still be completely different because of the Flavor/Fluff that the players will use to describe what their characters are doing.

Mission Statement

We are an Open Legend RPG fan community, which includes fandom of any spinoff games utilizing the Open Legend RPG Core Rules or Licensing. We are, more specifically, a game design hobbyist community, with a focused interest in creating a sharing homebrew content for Open Legend RPG. We practice homebrew through a primarily collaborative effort, with many users working together to bring an idea to its most complete, functional, and entertaining form. Everyone who comes to this site is free to participate in this activity, and the material is free to be used, even in modified form, in your own games. No charge. As such, individual authorship isn't really a thing here, everything is expected to be a community effort. We are a self-regulating community, meaning our quality policies are enforced by the community, not exclusively by administration, which deals more with violations of Behavioral Policy.

Place holder text to be re-worked above. Heavily borrowed from dandwiki

Why This Wiki Exists (About Us)

This wiki exists to help bring together the Open Legend RPG community and to house a collection of information for everyone to be able to use. The main reason/purpose is to collect Homebrew or House Rule additions from people to share, and especially Characters and Items and NPC/Creatures. The last two are the biggest, NPC/Creatures and Items! This way people can find things and get ideas for something to use in their games.

The need for a wiki was realized long before this was officially launched on Friday, 2018 April 13th (yes on Friday the 13th). Before that it was very slowly worked on by Great Moustache, delayed because of his OCD and perfectionism and crazy travel schedule.

Originally it was being made on a free wiki website, but then Shashi offered to make space available on a web server they had. This allowed greater customization, but delayed it slightly. Then a call was put out, and some individuals came together and helped push Great Moustache, as well as fill in and see what was needed before the launch.

The "backbone" to the wiki wasn't finished on launch, but most of the pieces were there. Since the wiki is a living page, it will continue to grow, develop, and become more efficient.

Great Moustache is a crazy fool.
Shashi is a generous bastard.

License Notice

This product was created under the Open Legend Community License and contains material that is copyright to Seventh Sphere Entertainment. Such use of Seventh Sphere Entertainment materials in this product is in accordance with the Open Legend Community License and shall not be construed as a challenge to the intellectual property rights reserved by Seventh Sphere Entertainment. Seventh Sphere Entertainment and Open Legend RPG and their respective logos are trademarks of Seventh Sphere Entertainment in the U.S.A. and other countries.

The full-text Open Legend Community License can be found at