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Level 6 NPC, Medium size (5 feet base)
40 feet stumble speed
6 (2d8)
4 (1d10)
3 (1d8)
3 (1d8)
Hit Points
Bane Resistance II (Fear)


Favored Attacks
Flail (inflict damage): Might vs Guard
A confusing, whirling barrage of limbs clatter against the target. Inflict Demoralized on 5+ damage.
Horrifying Chatter (inflict Fear): Might vs Resolve
The marionette's jaw chatters and clatters in an unnatural and terrifying display.
Special Actions
Puppet Strings (Feat):
The marionette crumples under heavy impacts to absorb the blow. If a marionette would take 10+ damage, instead it takes 10 damage and suffers the Knockdown bane instead of any bane that would be inflicted.
Core Rules Compatible


A horrifying construct of metal and plastic, powered by the remnants of something that might be still alive, depending on your definition. Marionettes stumble with frightening speed, and take concentrated firepower to bring down even one of them.


A scary, disposable minion for a supervillain in a superheroes campaign. Inspired by Mannequin from the Worm Web Serial.

Homebrew Used

Puppet Strings: a homebrew feat specifically for this NPC to make them scary to players even at higher levels.

Alternate Options

For even scarier encounters, give these NPCs stronger weapons and equipment. Swap Demoralized for Provoked to have them distract from more damaging, less durable threats.


Designed for a superheroes setting. Works well in anything horror themed. Could be easily adapted for Fantasy or Sci-Fi.

Character Build

Basic Information

A fast, durable enemy designed to be unsettling and difficult to ignore. With Diehard and Puppet Strings, they take at least 5 attacks to deal with permanently. Be careful about throwing too many of these at a party at once or combat might grind to a halt.

Visual Description

Artificial shell made of plastic, metal, porcelain or something similar. Organic eyes, human or animal. Stumbling, disjointed movement that is deceptively quick. If the torso is cracked open, it reveals a heart and lungs, and a web of muscles attached to strings that control the creature's movements.




Medium sized creature. 5 feet base size. 5-7 feet tall, but can fold up to occupy a suitcase-sized space.


40 feet stumbling speed.

Character Background

Constructed from parts of a living creature, encased in an artificial shell by some unbalanced genius. Marionettes are used as disposable minions and frontline distractions. It's said that they can be bought for a high enough price, if you know the wrong people.

Instincts and Motivations


Marionettes rush towards quick movement and loud noises. They do not feel fear of any kind. They only have rudimentary intelligence, and ignore any attempts to communicate from enemies.


Marionettes follow the instructions of their owner, provided they aren't too complex. When they don't have specific instructions, they will sit and wait until instructions are provided, or something moved too fast or makes a loud noise within their perception.


High toughness and resolve because of their unusual biology and mental state. Low guard because they make very little attempt to defend themselves, but they have lots of hitpoints and feats that make them durable.


Bane Focus (Demoralized)

Marionettes are confusing and terrifying to fight. When they hit you it is easy to lose your bearings.


The first time a Marionette would die, it crumples to the ground. Then it gets straight back up again.

Bane Resistance II (Fear)

Marionettes are too simple minded to feel fear, and have no self-preservation instinct. Immune to the Fear bane.

Puppet Strings

Marionettes are only loosely held together at their joints by strings and wires. Any heavy-hitting attacks will cause them to crumple to the ground, avoiding the worst of the attack and absorbing the blow. The following turn, they pull the strings tight again and rise eerily from the ground. A marionette can take no other actions while knocked down in this way until they pull their body back into one piece.

Favored Actions


On their turn, a Marionette will either rush towards an enemy and attack it, or stumble forward and chatter if they cannot reach any target.


Marionettes will not use any boons.


Marionettes will make frequent use of the Charge focus action.


Created by Sam Wilby for the Earth Shin superheroes campaign.

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