Martial Focus

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Feat Information

Cost: 3

  • Tier 1:
    • Agility: 1 or Might: 1

Like a kensai warrior devoted to mastery of their katana or an assassin who exclusively wields their favored pistols, your training is hyper-focused on a single style of combat to the exclusion of all others.

Choose a single weapon (or choose unarmed combat), and specify the attribute that your martial focus relies upon: Agility or Might. When making attacks using your chosen weapon, your attribute is considered 1 greater for the purposes of determining attribute dice. Your attribute is not changed for purposes of feats, banes, boons, or similar items. Because of your intense focus on a single combat style, any attacks that you make without your martial focus suffer disadvantage 1.

This feat is from the core rules, and can be found here on the Main Website

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