Medical Supplies

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Medical Supplies
WL 3
A kit containing high quality medicine and first aid
Heal PL 5
Restoration PL 5

Core Rules Compatible


A versatile collection of medicines, bandages, simple surgical tools and more. Used as a quick-fix out in the field for almost any medical problem.


The Heal and Restoration boons are invoked simultaneously and automatically. The Restoration boon should only affect banes that are applied to the physical body of the target.

Wealth Level Calculation

Total WL 3


Applied with a major action. No rolls are needed to invoke: heals 2d6 and removes banes of PL 5 or less. A roll may be made with a d20 + 2d6 to remove higher PL banes, as in the Restoration boon.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

  • Fantasy: a potent healing potion
  • Modern: a large first aid kit containing painkillers, disinfectant and other consumable materials
  • Sci-fi: advanced medical technology

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