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Often times with Open Legend, people have attempted to homebrew something only to later realize you can already achieve this via the already existing core rules. Using homebrew content can easily break games, but that's the purpose of this wiki, to provide a single source for people to post ideas and playtest them to see if they work in practice and then fine tune them via editing of the wiki.

Applying Minion Rules To Boss Monsters

Three bosses, quarter health, and shared actions.


Applying minion rules to bosses has one big problem: Boss Actions provided by the Boss Edge.

With this variant rule, the three minion bosses would have to share the boss actions. Optionally, each one could also have a static share, so if it's boss edge 6, each one can only make 2 boss actions, they can't give their actions to each other. This leads into yet another optional subrule where defeating one minionized boss reduces how many boss actions they are able to use.

Boss Finale

In the even you decide to use a boss Finale, have each boss have their own Finales, and a collective amount of Finale Boss Actions that the collective Finales cannot exceed equal to the Boss Edge+1 as per normal.


The Terrible Trio, a mighty level 20 boss when together, has a 7 Boss Edge. Their leader Terrible Terrance has 3 Boss Actions, while Terrible Ted and Terrible Todd just get 2. Also, each has only 31 health, a rounded down quarter of the 125 a level 20 boss would normally possess, and if any of them can't fight, the other two can't use the Boss actions assigned to their fallen.

The virus has taken over three power armor sets, but thanks to a hivemind split focus, can use all it's boss actions between the suits however it wants to. Taking any one out won't reduce the actions, but it's one less target that needs dealt with, and each suit is still individually susceptible to boons, banes, and danage, so even if one is a poor target, another might be quite a good target.

Roger, Michael, and Joseph Martins are a bickering trio. With a collective boss edge of 7, each one gets 2 Boss Actions, but the seventh one goes to a random one of them each time that it comes up. Each one felled drops the edge by 2, but no matter who has and hasn't dropped, the contested Boss Action will still be randomly granted to those still standing.

Play Testing & Notes

Thus far, no playtesting has yet occurred. As far as notes, this method allows for boss fights with multiple bosses with little change to the challenge and zero change to the levels each boss it at. The shared boss actions results in the boss having only two more actions, and allowing the boss actions to be worn away as bosses are felled can encourage players to focus on individual bosses and still reward players who built their characters for single major targets while allowing crowd control characters some more use against bosses too.

Compared To 3 1/3rd Level Bosses

1 minionized boss, compared to 3 normal bosses of 1/3rd level has lesser HP, bur more defense, making them feel more resilient while making players also feel stronger for managing to deal with them.

Also helping them feel formidable, as well as giving the GM greater variety they can work with, are boosted stats. A level 15 minion boss can use stronger boons and banes than a level 5 regular boss, and can hit harder too.

Lastly, shiftable Boss actions allow for different bosses to have different action economies, including changing action economies mid-fight, and the split Finale means that players can know that the less Finale the first of the three uses, the more the other two have, and vice versa, and same for first two and the third. Also, these differences become more extreme the higher the challenge budget the bosses have, because 3 normal bosses each levelling up once is equivalent to a minionized boss going up three whole levels. A trio of level 1 bosses equals a level 3 minionized boss, 2 becomes 6, so on.

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