Mist Stag

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Mist Stag
Level 3 (6 XP) Creature, Medium size (5 --> base)
50 ground speed
5 (2d6)
4 (1d10)
3 (1d8)
4 (1d10)
5 (2d6)
Hit Points
Boon Access (Insubstantial)

Boon Focus (Insubstantial)

Favored Attacks
Impale (inflict damage): Might vs Guard
Favored Boons
Become Mist (invoke Insubstantial): Auto Success
The Mist Stag turns into an aethereal cloud of white. At certain times of the day, if there is fog, this might also make them invisible as the mist moves through fog banks without disturbing them.
Core Rules Compatible


These mystical creatures inhabit isolated forests untouched by civilisation.


Primarily Fantasy that includes fictional creatures (so most of it), possibly also Post-Apocalyptic if magic is allowed.

Character Build

Basic Information

The Mist Stag is a rare, magical beast that roams remote forests inhabited by powerful faerie and ancient deities. It is the subject of much mythology in these uncivilised regions because of its majestic appearance and ability to turn into mist on a whim.

Visual Description

A bit larger than their mundane equivalents, Mist Stags are powerful creatures with alabaster fur and majestic antlers that are perfectly white all throughout. Weapons made of them are coveted by the tribefolk living along the borderlands of forests these creatures inhabit and hailed as legendary implements of war. A Mist Stag's blood is silvery grey but unreflective, and will quickly spoil when coming into contact with open air, turning black and hard in the process until becoming similar in consistence to tar. Unspoiled blood is a powerful alchemical reagent that researches have not yet fully explored. Because of their resilience, some Mist Stags encountered in the wild may have black spots or streaks on their bodies from encounters with hunters or other predators. This turning of the blood servers as a wound-closing and disinfectant coagulation.


It would be difficult to classify Mist Stags as a species of their own, as there are no female specimens. Mist Stags will mate with female deer in order to produce offspring, which will always be born male.


Mist Stags are fast and agile runners, always sure-footed and never slipping. However, they spend much of their time is shapeless mist, travelling the forests without disturbing them. They will often employ this power to flee from dangerous situations.

Creature Background

For many creatures, hunting becomes a serious issue as civilisation encroaches. Mist Stags have always lived so far away from all of this that it has rarely been an issue at all. In the great cities of the world they exist only as footnotes in creature tomes gathering dust in ancient libraries, and though some researches would like to study them more, the remoteness of their habitat and more pressing matters prevent them from doing so. In the wilds, they are surrounded by great legend and mysticism. Mist Stags are considered omens, spirits, divine emissaries, and even lesser gods themselves. Shamans dedicate themselves to their totem, and hunters either lay down their weapons in front of them or drop whatever target they were pursuing for a kill that will make them into legends. Rumours of greater fae taming these animals and riding them through all planes of existence, even adopting their powers of insubstantiality for themselves, are not entirely unsubstantiated.


The natural behaviour of Mist Stags is not well explored, and their nature as spiritual icons makes second-hand research into them problematic. Books written by world travellers may claim that they are sapient spirits of fog, and dissertations authored by those who study barbarian peoples attribute wish-granting powers to them. Neither of these things are true, of course, but that will not stop people from believing them.


Mist Stags are, just like mundane deer, herbivores. Leaves, berries, fungi, nuts, and acorns are all part of their diet, though they do have a peculiar fondness for licking fresh tree sap, and will seek out magically potent foods. They drink mostly water that is imbued with magic, preferably that of the fae.


Pacifists by nature, Mist Stags roam their own territories in the vast woodlands and only occasionally lock horns with rivals. They are solitary and tend to stay away from deer herds when not in mating season. When faced with combat, the Mist Stag will almost always attempt to flee, though they will defend themselves if cornered, and can be quite dangerous.


Though they are innately magical beings, the only magical thing they can actually do is turn into mist. Their great physical strength, agility, speed, and implacable immune system are rooted in the mundane realm.


Their ability to turn into mist is considered to be a part of their dual nature, not just an alternate state to their primary physical form. Thus, the Insubstantial Boon they can invoke due to their Feats cannot be nullified by ordinary magical means. Powerful faeries may be able to force them to become physical, and great shamans could potentially convince them to do it.


The Mist Stag is compatible with the Core Rules. Though it was not written for a specific setting, it does come with lore which you may choose to tweak to fit whatever campaign world you are running.

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