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Perk Information

Weather its due to you being a race with 4 Arms or you gained 4 arms or arm like cybernetics. You are able to use this to your advantage in tasks that would help to have a extra arm. Whenever you are making a non-combat roll that would make use of these extra limbs, do so with a advantage. For instance this could be in terms of lifting something, or being able to use your extra hands to steady or hold something or in climbing situations. Beyond this you could hold more items with the extra arms. This does not change any rules in regards to number of weapons used but it does allow multiple items to be readied

Community Provided Advice/Information

Flavor for Settings

A bounty hunter in a distance star system, enjoys the use of heavy weaponry. However for ease of use he decided to get cybernetic implanted arms. Allowing him to carry his weapons more effectively, but also helping him climb when needed.


This could be a specific race or mutation. Perhaps your a master necromancer and through magic and surgery you gained Skeletal arms. ==== Future ==== Alien race/cybernetics ==== Modern ==== Early Cybernetic enhancement


You were out in the Radiation for to long, to long being years. You grew yourself a extra arm or two, though not perfect in appearance they make up for with utility.


Specific Race or mutation, or enhanced the Cybernetic implants

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