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Level 2 (0 XP) Creature, Medium size (5 foot base)
40 feet Walking speed
5 (2d6)
4 (1d10)
4 (1d10)
4 (1d10)
Hit Points
Evasive footwork
Attack specialization I (agility)

Defensive reflexes II

Claws and teeth (Natural weapons
Favored Attacks
Pounce (inflict Damage): Might/Agility vs Guard
Charge attack (no disadvantage). The panther leaps an incredible distance its position onto its target.
Slash (inflict Damage): Might/Agility vs Guard
The predator uses its claw to weaken its prey.
Hunter's presence (inflict demoralize PL 3): Presence vs Resolve
Either to ward off another predator, or to lower a prey's defenses.
Special Actions
Stealth (Hide action): CR 16 to spot the hidden panther
Core Rules Compatible


It is a danger lurking in the shadows of the jungle. It could snap the neck of a sleeping creature without remorse. Its goal is to eat and survive.


It fits in basically any setting, but works best in a forested environment.

Character Build and basic information

It is a random encounter, basically. When the players make a camp during the night, they could be attacked by such a creature. The jungle is a dangerous place! It'll get a sneak attack whenever it can, retreat and come back later when the fight is to its advantage.

Visual Description

Black fur covers this animal. Sharp teeth and claws. Long tail to keep it balanced. The light from a fire might be reflected in its eyes.


Panther, feline predator.


Standard size.


40 feet of movement. It is a fast animal.

Type of Speed

Walks, climbs and jumps.

Predator Background

This creature has simple motivations: eat, feed a family of younger panthers, survive. If it is a young panther, maybe it's not that effective a hunter yet. If the panther is in its prime, then it should be a challenge for the players. If the predator is old, then it might not be as strong, but it is a crafty enemy.


A panther is an active predator. It hides, has impressive strength to take down its preys, and is fast. Therefor, it has good might, agility and perception. Many creatures are intimidated by it, thus it has a presence of 4.


Hit points and defenses reflect the animal's overall stamina. It is an effective predator, but wants to stay alive, thus its relatively low resolve.


Consider adding Climbing and Breakfall II. Panthers can climb and jump down just about any branch they find. Panthers are fast, therefor have Fleet of foot II.

Evasive footwork reasoning

A panther is fast and nimble. As such, it should be able to move out of reach without suffering an attack of opportunity.

Defensive reflexes II reasoning

Its sense are honed. It will see a hit coming and is very good at avoiding it.

Favored Actions


Pounce: The panther basically closes the distance between it and the target. If, say, the target is 60 feet away from it, it could very well attempt a pounce.

Slash: This is a basic attack. Consider inflicting Persistent damage or Knockdown if it gets 10 damage over the targeted defense.


The panther hides before attacking its prey. Consider making it hidden (CR 16 to spot) before pouncing on the target, giving advantage 2 on a surprise attack (advantage 1 from surprise, advantage 1 from Attack specialization Agility).


Compatible with any setting where there are forests or jungles. (I mean, it could be a mechanical panther if your game is in a robot utopia, who knows!)