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Bane Information

Duration: Special

Invocation Time: 1 Major Action

Power Level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Attack Attributes:

  • Influence


  • Influence vs. Resolve

You create an illusory manifestation to deceive the senses. Some examples include making a meal taste rotten, altering the data on a screen where a user is logging in, creating the sound of a stampede of horses, hiding allies behind a false wall, or creating an illusion of an intergalactic emperor who can converse intelligibly.

You create a phantasm of your choosing. The power level at which you invoke the bane determines which senses you can deceive as well as the maximum size of your illusion, as follows:

  • Power Level 1 - Affect Taste. Manifest a 5' x 5' x 5' area phantasm.
  • Power Level 2 - Affect Smell, Sound, or Touch.
  • Power Level 3 - Affect Sight.
  • Power Level 4 - Manifest a 10' x 10' x 10' area phantasm.
  • Power Level 5 - Manifest a 15' x 15' x 15' area phantasm.
  • Power Level 6 - Affect All Senses.
  • Power Level 7 - Manifest a 20' x 20' x 20' area phantasm.
  • Power Level 8 - Manifest a 30' x 30' x 30' area phantasm.
  • Power Level 9 - Manifest a 50' x 50' x 50' area phantasm. Until reaching power level 6, you can combine sensory illusions by adding the required power levels together (e.g., mimicking both sight and sound requires power level 5). While the phantasm persists, you can make logical changes to it freely. For example, an illusory person can speak naturally as you direct it and could be made to fall in response to an attack. However, substantial changes to the illusion (such as transforming a human into a goblin) require a new invocation of the illusion. Special:
    Unlike other banes, this bane does not work by targeting specific enemies. Instead, your Influence roll for invoking it is compared with the Resolve defense of each character that would perceive the created effect if it were real. If the roll is lower than their Resolve, they perceive none of the phantasm's effects. If the roll is greater than or equal to their Resolve, they perceive the illusory effect you create and react as if it were real. When mimicking a very specific person, place, or thing that the target is very familiar with, the GM should consider increasing the target's Resolve defense for the purpose of that particular phantasm invocation. Characters convinced by the phantasm can roll Resist as normal in order to attempt to shake off the bane. If successful, they are no longer deceived by the effect. In addition, you must spend a minor action to sustain the bane during each of your turns. Failing to do so in a given round causes the bane's effects to cease at the end of your turn. When an affected character succeeds at a resist roll against this bane, they become immune to all subsequent phantasms invoked by you for the next hour. This bane is from the core rules, and can be found here on the Main Website

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