Punishment Cap

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Punishment Cap
WL 9
A hat of some description that drains the wearer drastically.
Cursed (Polymorph 9)

Cursed (Demoralized 8)

Core Rules Compatible


Those made to wear this hat find their muscles atrophied, their motion restricted, their body frail, and their vision clouded. Worse yet, even their hope is hit.


Might, Agility, Fortitude, and Perception are reduced by 7, to a minimum of 0, and all action rolls possess disadvantage 3. Appearance becomes that of a frail, visibly malnourished form of the wearer. No change to size.

Wealth Level Calculation

WL 9

  • +5 - Cursed (Polymorph 9)
  • +4 - Cursed (Demoralized 8)


This item serves largely to weaken someone, and also to show hatred toward the wearer from whoever forced them to wear it.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

  • A dunce cap, for bad, or "bad", students to wear as a punishment. Can be for one really terrible school, or can be standard fare across education.
  • A sort of "anti-gift", often used as a way to say "I wish you were dead, but I can't make that happen."

GM Concerns

Reducing four stats by 7 and applying 3 disadvantage across the board is an intense downgrade. Be careful about giving players this, especially lower level players, and even more especially players who are built around the four stats reduced, and have some source able to remove it, be it via a powerful but selective Restoration or via a special effect, such as for the dunce cap flavor allowing a school principal to bypass the curse without any need for Restoration.


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