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Resource Exhaustion

Optional Rule


This is an optional rule. If you are running a game that leans toward the realistic views, you might want to add situations where the player characters are dealing with minimal resources. You can define resource as anything that might be depleted over time, be it ammunition, stamina, mana, morale, or any combination of those or any other resource you can think of. In order to make your game more gritty, you can state that said resources owned by PCs in the following level of availability :


PCs have plentiful resource on-hand, to the point that they can afford to do several actions for trial-and-error process. GMs can opt to give advantage 1 on action rolls that can benefit from this situation.


This is the normal level of resource availability. There is enough of resource for PCs to carry out their activities.


At this point the resource they have should be so scarce that they need to think twice before spending what they have. This might hinder PCs effectivity in doing their actions since they don't have so many resources to spend on. GMs can opt to give disadvantage 1 on action rolls that suffers from this situation.


PCs has exhausted all available resources they have. Actions that depends on the resources should not be able to be done.


It has been a week since the party left the last safe zone, after wading through zombie-infested settlements and cities, the GM informed Lyon that they currently have minimal ammos and depleted medkits. Because of this, everytime any member of the party attacks with a weapon that requires ammo, they suffer disadvantage 1, and Heal Boon and Regenerate Boon cannot be done. Lyon then propose they raid a nearby mall to resupply. After this activity, the GM can announce that their ammo and medkits returned to plentiful status.

Play Testing & Notes

This rule has not been play tested.

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