Scatter gun

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Scatter gun
WL 3
A handheld cannon that launches shards of shrapnel with great force. Firing a scattergun is more about managing recoil than aiming.
Two-handed Melee
Area (15ft Cone)


Core Rules Compatible


Favored of mighty warriors in need of a little more range, the scatter gun excels at blasting through hordes of weaker enemies. Friendly fire is a concern for many - but not all - of these weapons' wielders. Little more than a tube with a handle and trigger, the scatter gun propels sharp fragments of metal across a short range with extremely limited accuracy but high spread. The recoil from this weapon can dislocate an arm if the wielder is not careful.

Wealth Level Calculation

  • +0 - Forceful weapon
  • +3 - Area III

Total WL 3


Might-based characters can make use of the scatter gun to give them a slight increase to range, as well as helping them to catch multiple enemies in one attack. It is particularly effective at disorienting those caught in the blast, or even knocking them off their feet.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

  • Sci-fi: a magnetic launcher that fires tiny slivers of material from an internal reservoir
  • Modern: a particularly brutal sawn-off shotgun
  • Fantasy: a magical cannon, or a heavy crossbow that fires split bolts.

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