Sewer Dracolizard

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Sewer Dracolizard
Level 6 (15 XP) Creature, Large size (10 ft base)
40 ft ground speed • 40 climb speed • 40 swim speed
5 (2d6)
5 (2d6)
6 (2d8)
6 (2d8)
2 (1d6)
4 (1d10)
Hit Points
Bane Immunity (Fear)
Bane Immunity (Stupefied)
Master Tracker
Bane Immunity (Demoralized)
Bane Immunity (Sickened)
Favored Attacks
Bite (inflict damage): Might vs Guard
Claw (inflict damage): Agility vs Guard
Stalker's Presence (inflict fear): Presence vs Resolve
Even without their legendary reputation, these creatures can instil horror into those who face them.
Head Smash (inflict knockdown): Might vs Guard
The most common tactic employed just before they maul their prey.
Core Rules Compatible


These artificial lizards roam the sewers of The City, protecting it from pests and intruders.


This character is primarily for High Fantasy, Steampunk, and Magitech settings, though I'm sure it can be used in Low Fantasy settings as ancient tech, or in Post-Apocalyptic, Modern, or Sci-Fi settings with or without magic, depending on which yours is.

Creature Build

Basic Information

Nonsapient apex-predators of their realm, Sewer Dracolizards are created by artificers employed by The City in order to keep the vast sewer systems free of pests, including low-lifes such as hobos, criminals, and adventurers. The exact method of their creation is a closely guarded secret, though it is known that dragon souls are shattered and their individual pieces reshaped into whatever is implanted into these monsters. One will never encounter them outside the sewers, as they are programmed never to leave.

Visual Description

Sewer Dracolizards are flat, lifelike lizards that would pass as biological creatures were it not for their shiny, quicksilver scales and glowing green eyes. Despite their impressive size of 250 centimetres, they can fit through surprisingly narrow spaces, their broad and powerful jaws posing the only absolute limitation. Nothing will ever stick to their scales, even if they swim through the dirtiest of sewage. The moment they emerge, all dirt simply washes off them as it would a lotus leaf.


By all accounts, they are Varanoform constructs with Draconian features.


The Sewer Dracolizard occupies a 10X10 ft square.


Sewer Dracolizards are very fast hunters, capable of chasing down most creatures by ground speed. Their powerful bodies and tail allows them to swim just as fast ans they can run, and their metallic claws (as well as some magic) allows them to scale walls and run along ceilings just as easily as they do the ground, leaving scratch marks in their wake and sometimes even producing sparks if running at high speeds. Despite its artificial nature, it moves smoothly, just like a real lizard would.

Creature Background

As The City grew in size, so did its sewer system. Criminals, vagabonds, fugitives, and countless other entities with dark intentions saw great opportunity to run their operations in this sprawling maze beneath The City. Be it smuggling in contraband or trafficking in people, meeting for shady deals or storing illicit substances, performing dark rituals or hunting citizens for fun, it all happened here at all hours of the day. Eventually, the department responsible for maintaining, expanding, and securing The City's sewers threw its hands up in frustration and decided that it was incapable of handling the situation any longer. A report was presented to the City Council, informing them that, to contain the underworld of the sewers, a police force almost double the size of the already existing one for overworld business would need to be created. Appalled at this suggestion, one of the Councillors, a powerful wizard specialising in dragon lore, designed the Sewer Dracolizards as a much cheaper alternative for a deterrent. After years of clandestine work, the first 100 Sewer Dracolizards were released without warning, destroying the local underworld in a matter of hours.


Because encounters with Sewer Dracolizards are rarely survived, a large amount of myths surrounds them. Stories about Sewer Dracolizards that can camouflage, fly, talk, teleport, haunt dreams, or grab people with their long tongue are common, but (according to The City) untrue.


Sewer Dracolizards will hunt and eat anything that can be hunted and eaten. They are ultimate omnivores and capable of consuming anything in any state of decay. Though they are powered by magical energy, they will supplement this with whatever they can close their maws around, burning the body and soul of their food in the process.


Sewer Dracolizards roam the sewers of The City in random patterns, spending their eternal existence hunting and eating. They never rest and require no sleep, not do they reproduce. The only creatures they do not consider hostile are other Sewer Dracolizards. If faced with especially large or dangerous prey, they might even emit an ultrasonic call for assistance, in which case all Sewer Dracolizards in the area will move toward their position. In any given part of the sewers, rolling an exploding d4 if this happens will define the amount of Sewer Dracolizards that can join in the fighting. These calls for help are not done out of any drive for self-preservation, as these creatures lack such instincts, but merely out of an assessment of the situation being too difficult for a lone individual to handle.


In order to safely traverse and do work in the sewers, City officials carry little music boxes around with them that will generate a complex melody if activated. This melody will automatically inflict all Sewer Dracolizards that can hear it with the Fear bane, which cannot be resisted, bypasses their immunity, and forces them to stay away as long as the melody is audible. The City guards these boxes closely, and so far no bootleg versions have been successfully created, though not for a lack of trying.


Heightened Perception

Sewer Dracolizards have acute sense all round. They can see in perfect darkness, hear better than any bat, and have a highly accurate tremorsense. Making these creatures incapable of navigating or being aware of their surroundings is extremely difficult.

Hunter Mythos

Not only are Sewer Dracolizards legendary creatures all inhabitants of The City learn to fear as children, even without the legendary horror stories, their metallic sheen and serene hunter's instinct can strike fear into anyone. It is rumoured that part of the reason why they were designed to stand out was to make them especially terrifying. Thus, the Sewer Dracolizard can invoke the Fear bane with the Presence Attribute.


The Sewer Dracolizard is protected by its metallic scales which are not only incredibly hard but also slippery. Ultralight metallic elements inside of it also makes it especially resilient.


Aside for some rule exceptions, no homebrew was used in the making of this creature, and it should thus be considered Core Rules compatible.

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