Shadow Cat

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Shadow Cat
Level 7 (18 XP) Feline Creature, Large size (10 ft by 5 ft base)
50 feet ground speed • 30 feet climb speed
8 (3d8)
6 (2d8)
5 (2d6)
Hit Points
Bane Focus (Fear)
Battlefield Opportunist 3

Attack Specialization 3 (Claws)
Multi-Target Attack Specialist 3

Shadow Cat Claws Precise, Swift, Banes: Fear, Persistent Damage, Slow
Favored Attacks
Slashing Claws (inflict damage): Agility vs Guard
The strength and power of this beast is overwhelming when it strikes. On 5+ damage, targets are inflicted with fear. Advantage 3 for up to 3 targets in range.
Snarling Display (inflict fear): Agility vs Resolve
Snarling and extending obsidian claws, the piercing eyes seem to dig into souls. Advantage 3 for up to 3 targets in range.
Favored Boons
Empowering Roar (invoke bolster): Presence vs CR 16/22 (PL 3/6)
Roaring, a dark shimmering energy seems to envelope the Shadow Cat, its muscles bulging slightly as it seems to move with even more impressive speed.
Special Actions
Tear Apart the Fleeing (Attack of Opportunity): Agility vs Guard
Attack up to 4 targets in a round that are leaving threat range
Core Rules Compatible


The Shadow Cat typically prowls with other creatures as its pack, though stories persist of those who have seen a clowder of shadow cats. These would be truly frightening to encounter, and most likely entirely deadly. Most often seen with Gloom Wolves, they love to pounce after targets are already distracted.

Typically they take advantage of their powerful slashing claws to cause targets to flee, and then take additional attacks against them as they do. Long limbs give them an extra 5 feet of reach (10 feet reach total).


A jungle island on the edge of the world needed dangerous things prowling in the trees, potentially influenced by an ancient relic.

Alternate Options

Could swap Agility and Might, as currently the claws of the Shadow Cat allow it to do Fear via Agility, which you would normally only have via Might. Swapping them would make you not need that as much on the claws, but the cat is certainly a more agile creature usually.


Typically Fantasy setting. The Shadow Cat actually isn't using any extraordinary/magical properties, so it could fit in other settings as well, just changing the flavor slightly in descriptions of the attacks. The Gloom Wolves would need more changes to fit in none magical settings though.

Character Build

Basic Information

Essentially designed to take advantage of the fear bane plus attacks of opportunity it would trigger, thus combined with Battlefield Opportunist.

Visual Description

Looks like a panther, but bigger.


Shadow Cat, panther like.


Large creature, taking up 2 squares on a grid. 10 feet long.


Fast on the Ground, and good at climbing.

Type of Speed

50 feet ground speed 30 feet climb speed

Character Background

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Sub section of Background

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Perks & Flaws

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Perk Name

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Flaw Name

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Flaw Name

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Goals, Beliefs, Instincts, Motivations

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What the character believes and what they will do about that belief.


Things the character does almost on reflex. This can help the character out, like always looking up whenever they enter a new room to make sure nothing is hiding or about to drop on them. Might tie to equipment or a Flaw even. These could get the character into trouble too.


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Attribute 2 reasoning

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A place to list the important equipment the Character as on them.

Equipment 1

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Equipment 2

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All Core Rules, claws are created specific to creature.


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