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Swan Song

One Final Lash Of The Spirit


Upon character death, said character gets a free action they can use like a Major Action, with advantage equal to double their level. The result of this action cannot prevent or revert the character death allowing for the Swan Song, as the character is already functionally dead.


Michael, our level 8 heroic man of God, has just been felled. His friends, some afflicted with bleeding wounds from the monster's claws, others left unable to move from sheer fright, react in horror as the werewolf begins to eat him, but, with his final breath, Michael prays to his God to help his friends surpass the horrors and ailments m afflicting them. Restoration 9 at level 9 with multitarget 3, 16 advantage from the Swan Song, so 1d20 and the highest 3 of 16d10. His allies' wounds start to clot, and those who found themselves frozen in terror can move once more. Michael easily succeeds, and, though dead, he dies knowing his friends won't follow him.

Megan, at level 9 , is not doing that good. The poison has taken it's toll. There's no saving her now. With her last breath, she recites an ancient incantation on Jane, but not one to reinforce her, not one to ease her pain, but to erase it completely like no healing can do. Memory Alteration 8, 1d20 and highest 3 of 21d10, and now Jane doesn't know why she's crying on this stranger.

Play Testing & Notes

As of this writing, no playtesting has occurred. The hope is to help make deaths feel more impactful. While it can also act as a safeguard against full party wipes, the main intent is to allow one final, spirited action as someone's clock runs out.

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