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Boon Information

Duration: Instantaneous

Invocation Time: 1 Move Action

Power Level: 3, 5, 7, 9


  • Movement

You are able to instantly move yourself or an ally from one place to another, either by stepping into an intermediate realm, deconstructing and reforming a physical body, transporting magically, or similar means.


  • Power Level 3 - You can teleport the target to any unoccupied space within 5 feet per Movement attribute score as long as you can naturally see your destination.
  • Power Level 5 - Your teleportation range is unchanged, but you can now teleport your target to spaces that you can't see. If you choose an occupied space, your target lands in the nearest adjacent space (roll randomly to decide if there are multiple options) and your target is stunned for 1 round (a resist roll is not needed to end the effect).
  • Power Level 7 - You can opt to take longer in invoking the boon. If you choose to do so, for each minute of invocation (delay before making your action roll) you can teleport the target 1 mile, up to a maximum number of miles equal to your Movement attribute score. While the distance is greater, this mode is also dangerous, as a misunderstanding of direction or geography can put your target many miles in an unfavorable direction. You simply choose a direction (relative to your starting location) and teleport your target a number of miles equal to your Movement score. During invocation, you must spend a focus action each turn until the invocation time passes.
  • Power Level 9 - Using the same longer invocation time for power level 7, you can now teleport your target to any location without range limit, provided you have personally seen (through magical or normal means) the destination. This boon is from the core rules, and can be found here on the Main Website

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