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This wiki exists to help bring together the Open Legend RPG community and to house a collection of information for everyone to be able to use. The main reason/purpose is to collect Homebrew or House Rule additions from people to share, and especially Characters and Items and NPC/Creatures. The last two are the biggest, NPC/Creatures and Items! This way people can find things and get ideas for something to use in their games.

The need for a wiki was realized long before this was officially launched on Friday, 2018 April 13th (yes on Friday the 13th). Before that it was very slowly worked on by Great Moustache, delayed because of his OCD and perfectionism and crazy travel schedule.

Originally it was being made on a free wiki website, but then Shashi offered to make space available on a web server they had. This allowed greater customization, but delayed it slightly. Then a call was put out, and some individuals came together and helped push Great Moustache, as well as fill in and see what was needed before the launch.

The "backbone" to the wiki wasn't finished on launch, but most of the pieces were there. Since the wiki is a living page, it will continue to grow, develop, and become more efficient.

Great Moustache is a crazy fool.
Shashi is a generous bastard.