Walking Dead

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Walking Dead
Level 1 Undead, Medium size (5 feet base)
30 feet speed
4 (1d10)
3 (1d8)
Hit Points

Attack Specialization (Unarmed Strike)

Favored Attacks
Bite (inflict damage): Might vs. Guard
Advantage 1. Any creature struck by this attack, must make a Fortitude Check (10) or suffer the Persistent Damage Tier 2 Bane (1d4).
Special Actions
Reanimate (Unique): If certain measures aren't taken (see text), the zombie will return to life 1 hour after being killed with half its normal hit points.
No room left in hell
Core Rules Compatible


Replace this text with relevant infromation about the character. Add subsections as needed, but the included ones below are the most likely and suggested ones to use. Likewise, you probably don't need all the sections below, so delete the ones you aren't going to use. Short and simple is always a good rule to follow (KISS - Keep It Super Simple).


What caused you to create this Character?

Homebrew Used

List any Homebrew content you may have used, and link to it on this wiki so people can see the expanded information on it (don't expand on the rule here, just list it). If no Homebrew, just remove this section.

Alternate Options

Provide some alternate build ideas, or different paths someone could take. Feel free to remove this section.


What setting does this Character fit best in. You might add some subsections to talk about how to convert it to fit into other settings.

Character Build

This section is where you go into more details on the actual build of the character/npc/creature. There might not be any text right here though, and just in the sub sections below. This sections below are where you have more detail than in the quick Infobox on the right, as well as include smaller details that aren't as "notable" to include.

Basic Information

This is where you can go into detail about the Character itself. This subsection is all about the info at the top of the Stat bar to the right, and then extra info that goes beyond what is there. You can go into detail about if this a Playable Build or a Complex/Simple NPC build.

Visual Description

Character description of looks and clothing, etc.


Human, Bugbear, etc would go here.


Character the Example is a normal sized creature, that is, they occupy a 5 foot by 5 foot square. Character the Example is 5 foot 11 inches tall.


Mention the various movement types this character has. For most cases, it is just 30 foot speed. If they have others, explain why

Type of Speed

For characters with multiple types of movement, you might make a subsection for each one.

Character Background

Fill in the backstory of the character here.

Sub section of Background

This is to expound on something from above, or continue it in bitsize chunks.

Perks & Flaws

Now we get to go into some detail of what makes up the Character. Character the Example is PERK GOES HERE, but also has a problem with FLAW GOES HERE. For some NPC and Creatures, this area might not be included.

Perk Name

Area to expand on the Perk and how it is flavored specifically for them. Remove if not relevant.

Perk Name

Area to expand on the Perk and how it is flavored specifically for them. Remove if not relevant.

Flaw Name

Area to expand on the Flaw and how it is flavored specifically for them. Remove if not relevant.

Flaw Name

Area to expand on the Flaw and how it is flavored specifically for them. Remove if not relevant.

Goals, Beliefs, Instincts, Motivations

This helps give more flavor and information about the Character. You might not include any of this, or just some of the sections below. For an NPC, you might only have Motivations, for example, to help other GMs understand how the NPC might react to things the players do.


This could include short and long term goals.


What the character believes and what they will do about that belief.


Things the character does almost on reflex. This can help the character out, like always looking up whenever they enter a new room to make sure nothing is hiding or about to drop on them. Might tie to equipment or a Flaw even. These could get the character into trouble too.


What motivates the Character. For animal creatures, this could be food, protection of themselves or their young. This section is helpful to other GMs to use an NPC in their campaign.


This section is used to describe the Attributes that are picked, as well as to include the attributes that might not be listed in the Stat Box b/c they aren't as important, but still part of the build. You can also go into more detail about how the character uses certain Attributes, and possible self-limitations you've put on the character in regards to each attribute.

Attribute 1 reasoning

Might not need these subsections, but for ones that are important enough you might include more details here.

Attribute 2 reasoning

Same as above.


You could go into detail not only on each of the Defense areas (Hit Points, Guard, Toughness, Resolve), but ways in which the Character keeps themselves protected. The reasons behind allowing a defense to be low, etc.


This section is for including information from the feats, the flavor/fluff of how the Character uses them, as well as links to where the feat is mentioned on the wiki.

Feat 1 reasoning

Header should explain what goes here. Remove if not needed.

Feat 2 reasoning

Header should explain what goes here. Remove if not needed.


A place to list the important equipment the Character as on them.

Equipment 1

More details and links to the Item

Equipment 2

More details and links to the Item

Favored Actions

This is a place to expand on the information in the Stat block, as well as include additional Favored Actions not listed there


Banes and Damaging Attacks area


Boons area


Special area, for actions done through items, feats, Defend Interrupts, etc.


A place to list links to settings or campaigns. Also to mention if this is Compatible with Core Rules or if homebrew information is used.

Notes of Interest

Additional information you feel people should now.


Links to places like Heromuster for a charactersheet, or possibly related characters, or different levels.


Listing any people or organizations that need to be mentioned, and where the content came from.

Other Sources

If from a company publication, where the text was copied from

Permissions Obtained

The permissions you got to post the information here (if from a publication).

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