War Walker

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War Walker
Level 2 Boss, Huge size (15 base)
40 speed
6 (2d8)
6 (2d8)
4 (1d10)
Hit Points
Bane Focus (Knockdown)
Multi-Target Boon Specialist II (Line)

Boon Focus II (Barrier)
Superior Concentration I

Favored Attacks
Barrage (inflict damage): Energy vs Guard
Blasts of energy rain down from the War Walker's turret
Stomp (inflict damage): Might vs Guard
Using its weight to its advantage, the War Walker stomps its feet at characters trying to engage it in close combat. Make a melee attack with a reach of 10 feet.
Favored Boons
Smoke Screen (invoke Barrier): Energy vs CR 16 (PL 3)
Specialised launchers on the War Walker's back lay down a line of smoke, cutting the battlefield in half and protecting the Walker from ranged attacks.
Chemical Warfare (invoke Barrier): Energy vs CR 20 (PL 5)
The smoke launchers can also fire out lines of various noxious chemicals.
Special Actions
Boss Edge 1 (Feat):
The War Walker gets advantage 1 on all attack rolls, and 1 additional boss action per turn.
Enhanced Motors (Defend Interrupt): Might vs Attack Roll
Due to the size and power of the War Walker, some attacks are easier for it to defend against. Whenever a Bane attack targets this character that could be defended against with size and strength it may make a free Defend Interrupt using its Might.
Core Rules Compatible



Many sci-fi stories involve walking war machines, the War Walker is one of these with some more interesting, defensive mechanics and a focus on using the Barrier Boon to affect the flow of the battle.


The War Walker was written for a soft sci-fi one-shot. The same build could function as a tank in a modern, recent past or near future military setting, a golem in a high magic setting or a mutated creature in a low magic setting.

Character Build

Basic Information

The War Walker is designed to be a tough, attention-grabbing enemy as the focal point of a larger fight. It uses Barrier to encourage the party to stay mobile and reduce their reliance on vantage points and cover.

Visual Description

Broad legs covered in camouflage armor plating support a rotating body that looks like a gigantic beetle shell. The two large, curved panels on the rear of the body crack open a few inches to launch smoke and chemicals from within. The front houses a single, large plasma cannon and an array of toughened optical sensors.


Huge. 15 feet wide, 10 feet long and 15 feet tall.


40 feet walking speed. Its legs move slowly, but its strides are huge. No more than 2 move actions should be taken each round, and even then only rarely.

Character Background

Created as a frontline assault platform, the War Walker can function on its own but is at its best when supporting ground troops with covering fire and concealing smoke.


The War Walker will always attempt to cover itself and allies from ranged attacks with Smoke Screen. Chemical Warfare will be used to drive its enemies out of cover, or deployed directly around the Walker to discourage melee combat.


The War Walker wants the fight to go long, and will delay or disrupt the party's plans over damaging them if possible. If reinforcements are available it will begin contacting them after the first big hit that it takes (10+ damage) or when it drops below half HP, then cover itself in smoke and chemicals to make finishing it off as difficult as possible, even if that makes it hard for the Walker to return fire.



Energy covers the Walker's plasma cannon and chemical launchers. The chemicals could be better represented by Entropy, but are combined into Energy for simplicity.


As a huge mechanical creature, the War Walker should be much stronger than medium-sized player characters. However, its size can make it difficult for it to bring its strength to bear in some situations. The GM should give advantage and disadvantage for its size regularly.


The War Walker is heavily armored, with high Guard and Toughness. Keep in mind its mechanical nature when deciding to allow attacks that target its Toughness or Resolve. Depending on the setting, it may be automated or piloted; if it is piloted then the Resolve belongs to the pilot, with a boost from the detachment and confidence granted by sitting in the cockpit.


Bane Focus (Knockdown)

The strength of its hits and the explosive force of its cannon can easily knock targets from their feet.

Boon Focus II (Barrier)

The chemical launchers of the War Walker can lay down chemical screens across the battlefield with great speed. This allows the Barrier to be deployed as a minor or a major action, as well as granting advantage 3 when laying down lines.

Multi-Target Boon Specialist II (Line)

This allows longer lines to be deployed, up to 2 lines 10 feet long at advantage 3 from Boon Focus, or more at less advantage.

Superior Concentration II

This feat is purely for utility, to allow both smoke and chemical screens to be sustained simultaneously.

Favored Actions



A single-target damaging attack with a range of 50 feet. Ranged Multi-Targeting is possible, but should be restricted to when targets are close together. Remember the advantage from Boss Edge.


Though usually just as effective as Barrage in terms of raw damage, the Walker will only use Stomp if an enemy is too close to use the plasma cannon.


Smoke Screen

An Obscuring Barrier invoked in a line perpendicular to the Walker, between it and ranged enemy combatants. This can be done as a minor or major action. Remember the advantage and offset disadvantage from the Boon feats.

Chemical Warfare

A Damaging and Baneful Barrier invoked in a line across as many enemies that are behind cover as possible, or to further cut off the Walker from enemy fighters. The Bane could be Blinded, Demoralized, Persistent Damage, Slowed or Stunned. This can be done as a minor or major action. Remember the advantage and offset disadvantage from the Boon feats.


Boss Edge

For large parties (>4) the number of Boss actions should be increased to maintain action economy, especially if the War Walker is acting as a solo encounter.

Enhanced Motors

This grants a free Defend Interrupt versus attacks based on the War Walker's size. This Interrupt does not consume the next major action. What counts as an attack which could be defended against with size and strength is up to the GM, but some common examples might be Knockdown, Forced Move or Immobile.


Used in Project Sunbird.

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