Adrenal Stim

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Adrenal Stim
WL 3
A potent cocktail of combat drugs that enhance the user's speed and durability
Haste PL 6
Resistance PL 3

Haste and Resistance from this item can be sustained simultaneously for up to 1 minute with a single "sustain boon" minor action.
Wealth Level Modifier: WL 0
Core Rules Compatible


A syringe of bright blue fluid. When injected it causes a pleasant tingling numbness and the world slows down around you.


Haste and Resistance are invoked simultaneously and automatically. The target chooses what damage type to become resistant to.


The boons invoked by this item can be sustained by the target with a single "sustain boon" action for up to a minute. They cannot be sustained alongside other boons without Superior Concentration, Boon Focus III or similar abilities.

Wealth Level Calculation

Total WL 3


Applied with a major action, sustained with a minor action. No rolls are needed.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

  • Sci-fi: a chemical cocktail of drugs
  • Modern: a shot of adrenaline
  • Fantasy: a potion of speed and toughness

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