Crafter's Hammer

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This Hammer fills the head of it’s wielder with motivation and ideas, granting adrenaline-like energy when they are acted upon.


  • Weapon (Hammer)
  • Special


Special: Using this Hammer as a tool, a character can create Items with significant metal or stone components in half the time it normally takes. They suffer one level of the Fatigued Bane upon completion.

Wealth Level Calculation


  • +0 - Weapon (Hammer)
  • +4 - Special


This Hammer is the most important tool for any high standing dwarven master-smith, but is also widely used by other wealthy craftsmen.

Flavor Suggestions

The Hammer may;

  • be magical and imbued with a time manipulation enchantment
  • be an incredibly precise but somewhat dangerous welding tool (only metal components then)
  • just have a hidden self-refilling coffee mug
  • or any combination of these.

GM Concerns

This Item's pricing is hard to pin down, I went with 4 mostly by gut feeling and because it's probably accessible at a time where a character can strive towards it (for completing their studies for example) but also probably has enough Levels and Campaign left to benefit from it.

There aren't too many balancing issues, as down- and crafting time already are very much controlled by the GM.

The material restriction is purely there for flavor, as this Item may very well be a different tool for different materials.

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