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Boon Information

Duration: Sustain Persists

Invocation Time: 1 Major Action

Power Level: 1


  • Prescience

You gain extraordinary vision that allows you to see colored auras which correlate to magical, spiritual, or other extraordinary forces. Common examples of this boon include a paladin detecting a suspect's true intentions, a psychic reading the aura of a location, and a cyborg scanning the terrain for signs of life.

When calling on this boon, you must choose the type of aura you are detecting: holy, unholy, life, death, or magic. You can perceive invisible auras pertaining to the chosen type of force and have an approximate sense of their strength (from weak to overwhelming). These auras are usually based on an action that is deliberate, so an otherwise kind shopkeeper would radiate an aura of death for a time after poisoning or killing someone. Even a paladin slaying an evil archmage will give off a radius of death for a time after the killing blow.

  • Holy - Holy energy surrounds extraplanar beings from the heavens or similar good-aligned dimensions where pure goodness is embodied.
  • Unholy - Unholy energy surrounds extraplanar beings from the hells or similar evil-aligned dimensions where pure evil is embodied.
  • Life - Beings from heavenly dimensions, far-future regenerative nanotech, and clerics wielding the power of healing or protection radiate an aura of life for a time after wielding such capabilities.
  • Death - Necromancers, undead, and murderers all radiate an aura of death. For undead, the aura is constant, since the power of death and magic is what animates them.
  • Magic - Extraordinary auras surround objects or places imbued with such effects. Extraordinary creatures who are innately magical, such as a nymph, constantly radiate magic. Natural creatures who wield magic, such as a human wizard, give off an aura only following use of their power. Special:
    Unlike other boons, this boon cannot target another character. Only the character invoking the boon can see the auras. Additionally, the GM may allow other types of suitable auras to be detected as appropriate to the campaign setting. This boon is from the core rules, and can be found here on the Main Website

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