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WL 5
A sword wholly made of orange rubber, from bottom of the hilt to the top of the blade. While it demands the strength and finesse of the average short sword, it strikes not the body, but the psyche.
Attacking Attribute
Attacking Attribute
Weapon (Short Sword)
Baneful (Demoralized)

Damage (Influence)
Baneful (Provoked)

Core Rules Compatible


A short sword, made from orange rubber from blade's tip to hilt's bottom. Stories tell of a comedic bard who made it to, as she said, "Make a point without drawing blood." And, true to her word, this blade can't draw blood. Rather, the goal is to annoy, confuse, and or embarass foes while keeping a smile plastered onto your face.

=== Properties ===

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Wealth Level Calculation

WL 5

  • +0 - Damage (Influence)
  • +3 - Baneful (Demoralized)
  • +2 - Baneful (Provoked)
  • +0 - Weapon (Short Sword)


This is a weapon used to annoy, confuse, and embarass foes above all else. Perhaos best compared to a prop, even. It hurts your pride and nothing else.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

  • A bardic heirloom that has served the family well for generations, granting even the most pacifistic members a way to deal with the violent thugs of the land.
  • An old relic of a more peaceful time. This blade was forged... well, "forged" with the belief that you should only seek to hurt if you have no other option. On the plus side, at least rubber doesn't get rust.



Based on quote from Mary Hirsch: "Humour is a rubber sword—it allows you to make a point without drawing blood."

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