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Level 1 (0 XP) Archetype, any size (5 base)
30 speed
2 (1d6)
4 (1d10)
3 (1d8)
2 (1d6)
2 (1d6)
5 (2d6)
Hit Points
Boon Focus I (Heal)
Great Leap I

Ferocious Minions

Beemail Armour (Medium, WL 2, Fort. 3, +2 to Guard)
A WL 2 weapon
Favored Attacks
Swarm Face (inflict Blinded): Creation vs Guard
A group of bees will swarm the target's face and try to land on their eyes.
Not the Bees! (inflict Fear): Creation vs Resolve
A swarm of bees will engulf the target, leading to panic.
Nerve Poison (inflict Immobile): Creation vs Toughness
Bee soldiers will inject a specialised poison into the target's legs, rendering them unresponsive.
Favored Boons
Wall of Combs (invoke Barrier): 16 (PL3), 20 (PL5)
Worker bees, aided by magic, rapidly build a wall. It's not very though, but it is Obscuring, and the workers will protect it, giving it the Damaging property at PL5.
Sugar High (invoke Bolster): 16 (PL3)
A shot of honey gives the target the energy they need, and also makes them happy and confident.
Nectar to Honey (invoke Genesis): 12 (PL1) – 20 (PL5)
You create honey the magical way, though the quality and usefulness of it may vary.
Propolis (invoke Heal): 12 (PL1) – 20 (PL5)
A special resin is applied to wounds, sealing them, preventing infection, and providing magical regeneration.
Golden Blood (invoke Regeneration): 12 (PL1) – 20 (PL5)
Magical honey is mixed into the target's bloodstream, allowing the body to rapidly regenerate any wounds.
Core Rules Compatible


An all natural, organic type of mage that specialises in harnessing the power of bees and honey to get the job done.


Any setting with magic will do, be it traditional or Urban Fantasy, even Post-Apocalyptic. If you're willing to go for genetically engineered superbees and nanohoney, it might even work in Sci Fi.

Character Build

Basic Information

The Melimancer is, at its basest, a support character that specialises in keeping the party alive and out of harm's way. Their high Fortitude score means they can take a beating and don't have to worry too much about staying out of harm's way.

Visual Description

The default style of this character would be a wild druid clad in pelts, furs, and wood glued together with beehive parts. However, a more battlemage-esque aesthetic might include chainmail with hexagonal links, while something more in the realm of Sci Fi might be a scientists in a labcoat or a beekeeper costume.


Melimancers can fundamentally be any species, though one can imagine many a member of the Bearfolk taking this career path.

Character Background

Melimancers tend to have a strong connection to nature, preferring to live in the wilds over the crowded hustle and bustle of the city. They may be druids, shamans who have chosen the bee as their totem, researchers who have stumbled upon special magics, or chosen by bees for different reasons entirely. The following are Melimancer backgrounds listed after how common they are.

Rural Melimancers

Rural areas are always happy to see Melimancers settle down or pass through the region, as their bees often do wonders for the local biosphere, and healers that use affordable, traditional means are welcome anywhere. Even in societies distrustful of mages, these Melimancers are sometimes tolerated. Melimancers with this background will often have very boon-focused and supportive builds, as they make their living as healers and herbalists.

Wild Melimancers

Some Melimancers do not like civilisation at all, and choose to retreat deep into the wilderness, far away from all kinds of peoples, to be left alone with their little friends. They will often see themselves as tenders and protectors of a certain forest or prairie, and act hostile towards anyone who even so much as smells like an intruder. Melimancers with this background will often have aggressive, combat ready builds, putting points into Entropy as a means of improving the poison of their bees in order to survive the harsh wilderness.

Urban Melimancers

There are bees in cities too, and many rulers like to keep elaborate gardens, while places like treetop cities see no distinction between nature and urban space at all. Urban Melimancers are often employed by wealthy lords and kings to serve as gardeners and oddities to be presented at court. Some will explore entirely new avenues of controlling their bees to gather information, doubling as spymasters or infobrokers to their masters or clients. Melimancers with this background will often have builds that include points in Prescience to allow them to remotely perceive through the magically augmented senses of their bees as they fly through the city.


In more scientific and futuristic settings, Melitologists, scientists specialising in the study of bees, can genetically engineer bees to do their bidding and add nanomachines to the honey that replaces magic as the thing that makes it extraordinary. Their motivations and means of controlling bees may vary depending on your world's tech level. Melimancers with this background will often have builds that vary greatly and are entirely shaped by their pressures and motivations.

Royal Blood

This character did not find some new or ancient lore, and they were never taught by an ancient druidic master. Bees just flocked to them, and they figured out how to control them, be it for a greater destiny coated in heroism and prophecy, as an unwitting plaything in plots so alien they could not possibly comprehend them, or because their powers made them outcasts in society. Melimancers with this background will often have varying builds depending on how they are treated by their peers. If they are lauded as heroes and saviours, they may become combat-focused champions who but points into Presence, while those who have been ostracised may grow resentful and prefer to live in the shadows, preferring defensive, subterfuge-focused builds.


Outside of even the bee and honey motif, a character may be a robot or cyborg built for war and equipped with little flying robots that can administer a multifunctional, high-tech fluid capable of being used offensively or defensively. Bees may be a symbolic part of this character concept, such as if the bots this character uses are referred to as BEES, but that need not be the case. Melimancers with this background are not really Melimancers, and their builds will vary depending on their battlefield function.

Perks & Flaws


Depending on their background, Melimancers will frequently have the Ascetic, Disease Immunity, Divine Agent, Extraordinary Presence, Nature's Ally, Pure-Hearted, Resilient, Scent, Vagabond, or Whisperer of the Wild Perks.


Depending on their background, Melimancers will frequently have the Absent-Minded, Cosmetic Deformity, Compulsion, Hot Tempered, Illiterate, Literal Minded, Overt, Pacifist, Socially Awkward, or Zealous Flaws.

Goals, Beliefs, Instincts, Motivations


Melimancer goals vary, but may include: Saving the bees; restoring the local biosphere; understanding how bees work and think, becoming a bee, protecting a certain area from encroachment, or resettling a colony.


Melimancers have a tendency to highly value nature and natural means of going about things, productivity, cooperation, self-sacrifice, the right to self-defence, and honey.


Melimancers may feel immediately protective of nature, especially bees, if they are threatened or criticized for anything at all. They will also often prefer cooperation over doing things on their own, possibly even to the point of mild Autophobia, and have a tendency to look for spots in which a beehive could be constructed.


Melimancer may be motivated by a variety of things, including but not limited to: Revenge for a destroyed colony or habitat; a desire to protect their home; forcing their love of bees onto everyone else; showing people that cooperation is always best; spreading the influence of their colony as far as possible.



By default, the Melimancer is a heavily Creation-focused build, aiming to take advantage of all the Boons and Banes that Attribute provides. It is the attribute that controls the bees and their magic.


This attribute provides mechanical backing to the logical idea that someone who specialises in dealing with a nourishing, life-giving miracle substance should also be healthy and strong.


Melimancers are supposed to be knowledgeable about nature, not just specialising in bees but also herbal lore and being able to identify plants, fungi, and animals. If the character in question is a scientist or scholar, switching Learning with Fortitude may be in order. If the character is a Wild Melimancer, possibly even illiterate, switching Learning and Perception instead may make sense.


Though there is a default build, the remaining Attribute points may be moved around to change the flavour of the character. Someone surviving in the wilds and working with their hands likely has at least a little Agility, making it part of the default build. A person connected to nature and very small animals should be good at scanning the area, and being surrounded by bees all the time certainly gives a powerful impression, which is why Perception and Presence are part of the default build.

However, there are reasons to invest into other Attributes instead. If the character is particularly strong, be it because of the power of the honey or because they are a bear, Might is a good Attribute to look at. Scientists and scholars might also wish to invest in a little Logic to solve problems. A particularly single-minded Melimancer or a robotic person could make use of Will. A Hero to the people can do well out of Persuasion, as could a scheming villain, who might also benefit from Deception.


Though there is a default build, Feats need not follow any particular order for anything but fluff reasons. By default, Boon Focus (Heal) is good to get into the spirit of the archetype, and is recommended when starting out (though it could be replaced by another Boon to be focused on, such as Restoration). Ferocious Minions augments the capabilities of the soldier bees and gives the character the potential to do damage while healing allies at the same time. Great Leap is defined by bees augmenting the character's potential to jump over distance, while the character itself must take care to keep itself balanced. These latter two Feats may simply be replaced with alternatives.

Alternative/Future Feats

Alternate Form could be a high-level ability to transform into a swarm of bees, or possibly the character's background as a werebear, which lead them down this path of honey to begin with.

Attribute Substitution can be a core component in this Archetype when it comes to progression. Linking it to Entropy makes for a powerful offensive Melimancer, while Prescience is more useful for the spymaster.

Boon Focus for Heal, Restoration, and Regeneration are very useful and should be expanded and/or specialised into for support-focused Melimancers.

Companion might be a permanent swarm of bees, or possibly a bear friend the Melimancer has attracted during their travels.

If honey represents life, Energy Resistance against anything toxic, such acid, poison, or other death energies might make sense.

A magical beehive on a staff or in a backpack may serve as Extraordinary Focus, and be the source of the Melimancer's power. For the sake of character lore, it might be a requirement that this Feat be taken at character creation.

Extraordinary Healing is something to consider if the magic honey is truly something exceptional.

Ferocious Minions may be the Feat of choice for the summoning-oriented Melimancer.

Flying is a luxury that high-level characters might be willing to afford, be it through a swarm of bees lifting them up or wings of their own.

Hospitaler can illustrate the protective and purifying powers of honey.

Being connected to liquid life force can make a character highly Resilient.

Superior Concentration is always useful in supporting characters, especially those who wish to summon a great many swarms of combat bees or provide constant regeneration to all party members.

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